Best Grinding Guide – Ragnarok M Eternal Love

This guide is about EP7 new priest adv rune, shadow wave alt farm+ warlock EP7 farming tips. It is highly recommended to the veteran player with at least 500+ match deposits and end game wiz gear(+10 staff and acc).

You will find some new ways to farm with MS: 

Rapid Cast MS

First, you will need to lower MS skill level to 1-2 by removing it from the Aesir. 

Keep the level 1 MS from the 3rd job and Aesir, then remove all MS runes at the upper right. You need level 1 MS and max level fire pillar to 1-hit kill the mob. With S-rank adv rune that reduces MS skill delay and cooldown. You can cast level 1 MS at a breakneck speed. 

You can 1-hit the mob with MS and Fire pillar. If your damage were overkill, you could switch some gear for extra job exp. 

If you can’t kill with one hit, adding a light and status Vulnerability combo will help you achieve it. Or the Aug 2019 gacha back HG makes the target sleep till the fire pillar kills it. 

240 minutes farming: 

Without premium = 1-1.5m zeny, 300k eq, 200+ earth stone, 2k+ mat with premium = 1.5-2m zeny, 400k EQ, 250+ earth stone, 2.5k+ mat.

You can exchange ten element stones into 10000 element arrows; you can sell each set for 1240 Oz with Merchant overcharge skill.

So roughly 2m income per day. Also, the Rachel Mob at EP7 gives a lot of Exp. 

Another tip to help you farm more effectively is to use Invisible Space (Script needed as System cant auto-cast). You need to pick the mob’s name one by one, not select all.

You will get Yellow Icon if you pick the mob’s name one by one, or you will get (Blue Icon) if you pick (Attack all). The system will act smarter if you pick the mob’s name one by one. (Yellow Icon) 


Select Name (Yellow Icon): Act Dead won’t sleep.

Select All (Blue Icon): Act Dead till sleep (Waste time).

You will need to attack far away first instead of nearby [invisible Space].

Select Name (Yellow Icon): Invisible Space priority attack distance target.

Attack nearby only even with invisible Space Buff.  

Select All (Blue Icon): Only attack nearest target.

Select Name (Yellow Icon): summon objects far away from the player.

Select All (Blue Icon): Place Summoned Object under the player (Less effectiveness).

Summary: Pick the mob by name is better than selecting all.

Shadow Wave ALT

Gain Skill (Shadow Wave), Deal Matkx(400 – 1600%) Shadows Element M.Dmg. 

Heal (1-10%) from the dmg deal by [Shadow Wave].

(Shadow Wave) Dmg/Heal amount increasingly Heal.Inc parameter

12% Chance to get.

Shadow Wave is the New S-Rune for Priest Classes at EP7. Deal Shadow-Element M.Dmg, max hit six targets. Something like Chain Lightning.

Because the priest does not have Amp magic buff to increase the damage, you need at least 500+ Match Deposit, 800% + S-Rune and good Wiz EQ. 

You can somehow figure out your Alt’s shadow wave damage by testing with your chain lightning S-Rune. Chain lightning is a 660% match; you have to do a little math to know your shadow wave’s damage (test without buff, Wiz staff and robe of cast) since priests can’t wear it.

You can use shadow waves with Lv40 Alt. with the instant cast. Also, alt farming is EZ with a lot of buff from self (bless/mag etc.) with min 800% + S-rune.    

EQ preview (mostly transferred from the main wiz)

You have to use Nemesis for MATK%, Lich staff for the instant cast, Croce staff if you had +10 EOD. 

And eat dishes to boost the damage.  

For your reference, if you have 1199% S-rune with 4k matk, you can deal 80-90k damage with basic endgame wiz EQ. 

Lv1-40, use EP7, Household storage trick to take EQ with Lv1 Novice. The level at any place until Lv 40. 

Level 41-60, use (shadow wave) to farm any place you like. (goblin forest, 180min =800k Zeny +6000 feather).  

(ant hell vitara nest, 180 min = 800k – 1m zeny + honey, ori, royal jelly etc)

Level 61- 80, take hydra card/ demi- human gear. (Orc village, 180 min = 1.2m zeny, 2400+ glass bead, 60+Ori, 360+ Bones). 

Orc village south, 5 Orc Spot. Level 70-94, kobold forest. (veteran player can earn here at level 40) shadow wave farm is better than blacksmith here. BS=2.5 sec 3Mob. Priest = 2 sec 6 Mob.

(kobold forest, 180 min= 1.6m zeny, 3600 + flower, 100+ ori, 130+ flame heart, 100+ awakening, 4000 + necklace).    

Level 94-99. GH culvert, find string + anolian 6 mob spot. (180 min=1.8m zeny, 700 + neck oblivion, 300+ armor shard, 200+great nature, 100+ mystic frozen)

This build can easily reach level 91 within two weeks; it’s good timing to delete char and remake. If you can farm a culvert, you need to consume a premium and rush level 99 within one month for unlocking the card+MVP tree branch.

The farming results of shadow wave alt are without premium; daily 2m farm was possible with an additional 33% drop rate. Sometimes if you get a random priest’s S-rune, keep it and gather 3pcs. Use EP7(rune replacement) to exchange for (shadow wave rune).    

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