Best Gym Leader Character Designs in Pokémon

In this guide, you’ll take a look at the best gym leader designs in Pokémon.


Clemont, the Gym Leader of Lumiose City, specializes in Electric-type Pokemon. He is a kind and friendly gentleman who loves inventing gadgets. He has a sister named Bonnie. His debut game was Pokemon X and Y.


Clair is a female character who has blue eyes and light blue hair. She is the leader of the Blackthorn Gym in Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal. Clair is known for specializing in Dragon types, which are very prominent in the second generation of Pokémon games. Clair was first introduced in Pokémon Gold and Silver, but she recently reappeared in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.  

Crasher Wake

In the Pokémon universe, Crasher Wake is a gym leader who specializes in water types. He was born in Pastoria City, which is located in the Sinnoh region. He is nicknamed “The Wake” and is the fourth gym leader that trainers encounter on their journey. He has black eyes and gray hair but wears a green shirt with a yellow hat and belt.


A Pokemon named Clay is a male character with brown hair and brown eyes. He’s from Driftveil City, Unova, and he specializes in-ground types. His debut game was Pokemon Black and White.  


Elesa is a blonde-haired, blue-eyed Gym Leader who specializes in Electric-type Pokémon. She is the Nimbasa City Gym Leader, and the leader of the Nimbasa Gym. Her grandfather was a previous Nimbasa Gym Leader. She is an idol in Nimbasa City, and is also admired by trainers all over the world. Her Pokémon are powerful and elegant.


Beartic is known as the Freezing Pokémon, and it was introduced in Generation 5. Beartic can generate extremely cold temperatures with its ice-based attacks. Additionally, Beartic has the ability Slush Rush which allows it to move faster through icy terrain. It has a catch rate of 60 (7.8% with PokéBall, full HP) and a base Friendship of 50 (normal). Beartic’s growth rate is medium-fast and it breeds for 20 egg cycles, giving 2 offspring per cycle. 50% are male and 50% are female.

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