Best Hiding Spots In Roblox Banana Eats

This guide is all about hiding spots in the Roblox Banana Eats game.

The first spot is in the Banana’s bash fun center map.

The area is right next to the exit, so you can easily escape. 

And it’s these lockers; the Banana never checks here.

Now on the next spot. This spot is on the same map. And it is near the kitchen and the stage. 

It’s this little closet area. It has this vent which makes it very easy to escape the bananas. 

There is also a locker to hide. The vent leads to behind the stage. 

Now on the next spot. This one is in the studio room on the high school map.  

You can easily hide behind these curtains.

It is a really good spot to confuse the Banana. And if you hide in the right spot, it is impossible to see you. 

The final spot is on the sinister supermarket map.

It’s near the back of the map. And close to an exit, it’s a little room. It has lots of lockers and vents to hide and escape. 

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