Best Horror Maps In Minecraft

This guide will provide you with the best Horror Maps in Minecraft

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    Nightmare of the Weeping Street 2

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    You will find yourself in a mental hospital when you start this map. The sound effect on this map is horrifying, and the whole map is in a dark environment. The hospital is full of scary things, and you need to explore and make your way out of the hospital. 

    Granny’s Ghost 

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    This Minecraft map is similar to a granny game, but this map is more realistic than any other map. This map is much darker and scarier than granny’s game. You only have five days to make your way out of the hospital and save yourself on this map. You can also use a bat in this map, as shown below.  

    Bloody Revenge 

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    At the start of this map, you will see that your phone will be ringing in the middle of the night, and someone over the phone will tell you that you stole the precious cheese a long time ago. Now he is going to take revenge on you. There is a unique story and texture in this map, but also there will be a lot of glitches, so you need to be careful while playing this map. 


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    This map is a horror map, and at the start, you need to take a dark train from the office to your home, and there will be an abandoned railway station where you will find your train. The station will be empty because no one uses this abandoned station, this map is based on hallucination, and nothing on this map is real.


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    In this map, you will start your game in a prison cell, and you will not remember anything about your past, So from there, you will start a journey while exploring the facility Mount Pain. In this map, you need to find the answers to the questions by solving the mystery. There will be many mysteries you need to solve, and it is too hard to find your path in the hospital, as shown in the image below.  

    Trapped Inside 

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    In this map, you will start from the house, and you don’t have any memory of how you came to that house. So you need to progress in the game and solve the mysteries to find out the answers. It is a horror game, so there will be a lot of challenges to complete this map, as shown in the image below.

    Nightmare Frenzy 

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    The story of this map is too dark and creepy, and it is not a huge map, so you can explore it easily and have a complete experience of nightmares in no time. 

    Feed the Pigs 

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    You will need to feed pigs; it is very difficult to explore the map. The background sound and storyline are unique compared to other horror maps. There will be no horror element in this map, so your house will become hell on the next level. On each day, while you progress, a new level will unlock, and it gets more creepy and dangerous on each level, as shown in the image below.


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    On this map, your name will be Denial, and one day, you will realize that there is a stalker in your house, and he will be stalking you for a long time. He will stalk you from mirrors, shadows, and other things, and you will enjoy exploring this map, as shown in the image below. 

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