Best Magic and Weapon Combinations – Arcane Odyssey

This guide will provide you with the best magic and weapon combinations in Arcane Odyssey.

  1. The first combination is Mage with Ice and Water magic, and you need to be awakened for this one. The water will soak them and the ice will freeze them.

2. The next one is Mage with Lightning and Water. Water is a conductor of electricity, so you need to soak an enemy with water and then hit them with lightning to deal extra damage. The effect on the enemy is like electrocutes.

3. The third combination is Ice S-Conjurer and Sailor Style. It is another build that freezes the enemy. It sucks them and then the ice freezes them.

4. Ice Conjurer and Sunken Sword is the most popular combination. It soaks the enemy or if you merge it with ice, it will freeze them. You have to be awakened to imbue the ice into your sunken sword and then every hit you do will freeze the enemy.

Here is a very useful tip for light users. If you are a light user, then you have to go to skill points at the bottom left and go to your magic stats. Switch your ice magic blast to a bunch of different blasts, so when you hit your enemies, it will slightly blind them.

5. The next combination is Dot Magic with Equipment that increases attack size/intensity. If you are using poison magic, you have to be conjured for this one, you can put your DOT magic on your weapon and if you have a bigger attack size, it will cover more land and you will have a higher chance of hitting the enemy.

6. The next one is Lightning/ Ash magic with weapons that do high one-hit damage. If you hit an enemy for more than 33 of their health, then it will use the passive and the passive on lightning ash will stun the enemy. It will make farming so much easier.

7. The final combination is Light Conjurer with Fast Weapons. If you hit an enemy multiple times with light magic, it will blind them. The more you hit them, the more flashbang effect they get. It will stop them from being able to damage you. They can go in a stupid direction and you can easily get them off guard.