Best Method To Increase Your Professor Level – Fire Emblem Three Houses

This guide will tell you the best and most reliable methods to increase your Professor Level in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. You have to follow the given guide, and it will be very helpful for you while playing the game.

The best method that will help you increase the Professor Level requires you to have at least four exploration activity points. You need to explore the monastery and do six activities that will increase your professor experience. You can do activities to get points are Sharing a meal, Cooking a meal, Choir Singing, and winning Fighting Tournaments

The other activities are Fishing and Gardening

After completing the activities, you need to search the blue essence monastery to find professor experience. With the progress, you need to unlock the Eastern and Southern merchants. They have a bait that can attract rare fish for a very affordable price. They also have seeds that can be used for harvesting. 

Fishing is very beneficial for Professor Experience. Fishing NPC helps you to determine whether it is a fishing day or not. On a fishing day, you can catch many fishes, and it will rank up your Professor Level.    

You can also see the Yellow Essence in the pond. It will not give you anything beneficial. 

The other way which increases your Professor Level is when your students ask you a question or take any advice from you in the class. You have to take the question right because it is one of the best ways to boost the Professor Level.   

You need to do these activities twice a week because Professor Level is connected to doing many things in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.  

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