Best Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition

This guide will let you know which are the top 10 best mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition

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    Growing Ore Flowers 

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    If you have been mining Minecraft for a long time and didn’t get what you expected, you can grow flowers and get whatever you want in this mod. You will find a lot of seeds in this mod, and you have to craft them using a crafting recipe. You will need to go to the crafting table and select the seed you want to craft and then plant the seed in the grass as much as you want. You need to smash the seeds and get iron nuggets to get the metal nuggets. 


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    This mod is a horror mod, and there are seven styles of different vampires. There are vampire bats, and these bats convert themselves into a vampire. The main vampire is a man vampire who makes a lot of noise, and if you kill him, you will get a Totem of undying and many emeralds. When he hits any villager, that villager will convert into a vampire. These vampires can kill you, and if you kill them, you will get their teeth which you can use to make a dagger called vampire Tooth Dagger. 

    This dagger will give you speed to run fast, and also, you will get night vision. If you have this dagger, then the vampires cannot kill you, and you can quickly kill the vampire as well. They only attack you at night because they can’t come outside during the day.

    Biological Optimization 

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    In this map, you will have more realistic graphics and animation. If you kill anything in this world, it will give a good vitality to dying. The creeper has four legs which makes it look epic and more natural. The weather in this mod will be winter. If you are looking for the best animation, this mod is the best one. 

    Disciples of the Void 

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    In this mod, you will get a lot of bosses and an extra five to six mobs on different locations of the map. You will get a void zombie that makes a lot of noises, and you will get Osseous, which has a unique weapon on its back. The Alatar has a huge sword, and around its head, the command blocks and structure blocks are revolving and protecting it. 

    Brawner is a boss, and it has a creepy face, and it will attack you when you get closer to it in survival mod. Limbos is also a boss, and there is a sharp sword on its back, and if you killed it, you could get its sword as well. 

    Waystones Colorful

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    You can use the way stones to fast travel in the game. And for this mod, you don’t need any XP to fast travel. To use the stones, you first need to place them where you want to fast travel and color them. You have to use the colors with the numbers and remember that number. 

    When you apply dye on its bottom, it will activate, and then you have to tap on the bottom, and it opens a color menu with ten different colors with numbers on it. You need to select the color number and teleport to that color location stone.

    Mystic Weapon 

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    In Minecraft, if you are looking to make your army and want to have powers, you can play in this mod. You will get a lot of weapons in this mod. If you use the Necromancy Staff, you can spawn five soldiers who will fight for you, and same as if you use Thawed Specter, you can freeze anything for fifteen seconds. You can use the teleportation wand to teleport wherever the wand stops, and you can use the lighting scepter to throw the lightning from the sky wherever you want. You can use the Wand Purifier to remove the negative effect from the water and make it clean. If you use the Tempest Staff, it will change the direction of the wind. You can use the Fiery wand to get protection from the fire, and you can also find a lot of different battle axes and swords.

    Camouflage Door and Trapdoors

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    This mod is the best option if you want to make a secret base. You can play hide and seek in this mod with your friends. You will get a camouflage door crafter, so you have to place it on the ground, and you can craft any door with this crafter. It will look like a normal stone block when you craft a stone door, and no one can go through that door except you. You can craft these doors with different blocks except dirt blocks.

    Knight Villager  

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    The village knights are mighty, and they never get off their horses. You will need to use a splash potion of strength on the normal villager to craft these knight villagers. Then you have to grab a Netherite sword in your hand and hold it on your villager, and you will see that the villager will convert into a knight villager sitting on a horse with a huge sword. To tame the knight villager, you need to have an emerald block and stand in front of the knight, and you will see a tame option will appear. 

    You have to click on it to tame the villager. When you tame the knight villager, it will change its armor color from blue to red. To level up the knight, you need to have flint and steel and a potion of slowness from your inventory, then you have to crouch in front of the knight horse and use enchantments by flint and steel to fire up the knight-villagers’ sword.

    Medieval Village 

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    The medieval village is an epic map, where you will find a lot of fruits and vegetables. When you start the game on this map, you will find a vast and beautiful bridge that connects the farm with the main village. Right next to the farm, there are giant windmills. The houses are detailed and built correctly, so you have to add villagers, and they will do the rest on their own. The whole village is secured with big walls on the boundaries.

    Dungeon Craft

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    The space required to install this mod is 65 MB; this mod is unique and rare. There are a lot of biomes and bosses on this map, and it will take a lot of time to kill every boss. Also, you will find the whole crafted beacon, which looks very beautiful. If you tap over your inventory, you will see that you will have a lot of new and rare weapons with portable portals. 

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