Best Op Combo For Begginers | Roblox Elemental Battlegrounds

In this guide, you will learn the Best Op Combo For Beginners in  Roblox Elemental Battlegrounds. It will provide you with the best tactics and strategies for the combo.

It is an instant kill combo.

  1. Use poison needles to stun.
  2. And use vine to grab.
  3. Move back a little and then use a fireball.

This combo is supposed to be an instant kill.

This combo is great for beginners. If you’re not a beginner, then it is suggested to try another great instant kill combo.

When you’re about to shoot poison needles, you have to stand still and aim. You can use the nightmare skull thing as it will help to damage the enemies.

That will be an instant kill, so you can’t miss your poison needle. You should use all your points to level up your power.

It is how to rekt safe zone campers.

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