Best Redstone Build Ideas in Minecraft

This guide will provide you with the best Redstone build ideas in Minecraft. You can follow any one of them to build amazing structures with the help of Redstone. 

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    Lava Door 

    The lava door is beneficial at night because when the zombies try to attack you, they cannot get through this door and get themselves killed. The door has lava in the middle; you can open or close the door with the help of a switch on both sides.

    Super Gun

    The supergun shoots arrows, and it is a very simple Redstone build in Minecraft; it is the fastest machine in the game, which shoots very fast. You can place a lever, so you need to pull the lever whenever you want to shoot someone. You can also connect three or more of these machines with a single switch using Redstone.

    Glass Door 

    If you are looking for a glass door for your modern house, you must build this one. First, you will need to make the base of the door and establish the connection with the help of Redstone. The glass in the middle of the door gives it an elegant look, and there is no switch for this door. When you walk through that door, it will automatically open and close after a few seconds, which is rare in Minecraft.

    Secret Base 

    You can use automatic functions to make your builds more efficient. You can build your own secret underground base entrance, and you can connect a lever on the side of the base using the Redstone.


    The teleporter allows you to teleport using a Redstone torch connection from one place to another. To make this teleporter, you have to fill seven blocks with water using a water bucket and place a Redstone torch on the top. Throw an ender eye pearl in the water, and it will teleport you to home at night.  

    Tower OP 

    You can have a lot of snow golems in the middle of this tower which will attack the nightwalkers. You can add multiple of these towers around your house, which will help you to secure all of the premises. The fire on the tower’s edges will help hide those snow golems.

    Diamond Miner 

    A diamond miner is a machine used to mine diamonds from the ground in no time. If you are looking for diamonds and you don’t want to dig, then this build will be the best option for you; the machine must be ten blocks high, at least. It consists of an oak fence, dead horn coral fan and TNT. With the Redstone connection, you can add a lever to this machine. When you turn on the lever, it will start dropping the TNT; then, you can dig the big hole and find the diamonds.

    Fast Travel 

    This build has ice boats because these boats are the fastest way to travel. You can use the Ice blocks as a track for the boat, and you also have to focus on the in and out the way because it can be hard. On the ends of the tracks, you have to make a small platform machine to stop easily and get out of that boat. This method will also work in survival mode.

    Elytra Launcher 

    The Elytra launcher is used to launch you in the sky; the base is where you can use the Redstone to connect to this launcher. The Green Glazed Terracotta will cover the connection on the top. When you stand in the middle, you will be thrown towards the sky, and if you use the firework rocket, it will take you back towards the sky and maintain your balance. 

    RedStone Staircase

    In this build, you will learn how you can make a secret room inside stairs with a special secret room with a beautiful glass window. For the secret door connection, you have to use a Redstone repeater, an observer, and Redstone dust. The lever is inside the room, which will help you open the door from inside, and for the outside connection, you need to use a water bucket, and with the help of a Redstone connection, when you empty the water bucket, the door will open.

    Redstone Storage Idea 

    With this build, you can have a lot of storage space for your extra items, and there will be five chests arranged vertically on each other and attached with a Redstone lamp. The backside of the chests are attached with Hopper, and each chest is linked with a Redstone repeater. 

    Redstone Lamp

    This build is perfect for your modern house. The lamps are placed around the house, and the front path of the house is covered with two Redstone lamps attached with a light detector. These lamps will automatically turn on at night due to the Redstone connection with the light detector. The design of these lamps is unique and looks very attractive compared to other lamps.

    Secret Stairs 

    This build is unique. If you are looking for a hidden staircase in your modern house, this build is highly recommended. A sticky piston is connected to the main wall inside with a Redstone connection. You have to solve the puzzle, and the staircase will open from the wall.  

    Redstone Door 

    This build requires Redstone dust, a red stone torch, and a piston. The base connection is two blocks under the ground, and you have to cover the connection with a block and activate the lever. When you walk through that door, it will automatically open and close automatically when you pass it. This build will help you play fast, and you don’t have to wait to push the lever to open the door.

    Redstone Elevator 

    This Redstone elevator is a unique build, and this build will help you a lot in the survival mode of Minecraft. You can connect the elevator with the piston and observer for the Redstone connection, and attaching the back of the elevator to the block will push the piston upwards. When you go down in the elevator, you have to push the Redstone connection lever, which will activate the reverse process and get down easily. 

    Glass Bridge Redstone Idea 

    You can cover both sides of the bridge with a piston. The base is filled with lava, and there is a bridge made of glass in the center. Both sides are connected with strings and a lever, so whenever you walk through that bridge, the glass blocks combine, and when you leave the bridge, it will be open again, and no one can go through that bridge.

    Redstone Plane 

    This build requires a lot of height for the plane to fly. You can connect the sticky piston and observer with an oak button next to the pilot seat, and on the front side, there is another observer and piston connected with the first Redstone connection. It will help you travel in the air so that your time will not be wasted and go wherever you want. Just start the oak button, and it will begin to move forward. 

    Secret Room 

    With this build, you can make your secret room in your house library, and the Redstone connection will help make the door secret. You can play the door key in the book. Whenever you turn the page and go to the next page of the book, the secret door will open, and then you can walk through that door and go inside the secret room.

    Kaboom Redstone Explosion

    It is the best build to surprise your friends as it is a birthday cake, but when someone cuts the cake, and it explodes the whole place because the TNT bomb is planted underground and is connected with the Redstone connection with the cake, so whoever cuts the cake, will trigger the bomb and it explodes. 

    Magic Furnace 

    You can place the furnace in the center of the wall and use a Redstone connection on the base of this magic furnace. Both sides of the furnace will have the switch to turn on or off the connection. And when you push the button, the furnace will start the fire, which looks very attractive and elegant. It is an easy and useful build in Minecraft.

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