Best Settings in Mobile Legends to Save Battery (FPS)

This guide will provide you with the best settings in Mobile Legends to save battery while playing. It will also help to fix game lag, FPS drop and saves data. 

The first thing that you need to fix to save your battery is the map.

As of now, there are three available maps that you can use: 

The Imperial Sanctuary map, The Celestial Palace, and The Western Expanse map.

And a new upcoming map “Halloween carnival”. 

Let’s start with The Imperial Sanctuary, The Imperial Sanctuary “new map”.

This map has a high graphics display; as you can see, all the details look realistic because it has a high graphics display. It will consume more of your battery; it will also consume more data or internet connection. 

High graphics are one of the causes of FPS drop while playing, so it is not recommended, especially for low-end devices. Now let’s go to the western expanse map “old map”.

Simple and smooth graphics display. 

Low graphics display, low battery consumption also saves your data. A smooth graphics display prevents FPS drop while playing to those experiencing FPS drop; this is the best map for you.

Another setting that can help to save battery while you’re playing is the graphics settings. 

The ultra graphics device will consume a lot of your battery because of its high graphics display, it also consumes more data. High graphics resolution can cause FPS drops especially to those low end devices.

So it is not recommended to use high and ultra graphics. The best graphics to use are the smooth and medium. The smoother the graphics, the lower the battery consumption.

Lower data consumption and lower risk to FPS drops.

And make sure to turn off the HD mode to save more battery. Another setting to save more battery is the network settings.

You don’t have to use the speed mode settings because turning it on can cause more battery and data consumption. So if you don’t have any problem with your data connection, don’t turn on these settings. 

You must not use your phone when it is charging, and don’t overcharge your phone. 

Overcharging weakens and shortens the life of your battery.

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