Best Sniping Spots in The Wild West (Roblox)

In this brief guide you will get to know about some best sniping spots in The Wild West game.

The first one is the bronze city train station. You can get on the roof with the help of your horse. This place has a good view of the main street. And also the spawn area.

You can easily target from this spot. This roof also gives you some cover and one thing you have to watch out for is backstabbers.

The next spot is the cliff near the waterfall. This place gives you a good view of the bank and some parts of the city. You also need to watch for backstabbers here as well. They will always try to attack you.

Another place to snipe from is on the mine cliff. You have to go on the sides of the cliff. It is a bit difficult to get up there. It may take some time to go up above the cliff. There are some hard to cross barriers but you can come over them.

You can see most of the city from this spot. This spot is very good because people can not get up here easily.

The next sniping spot is the mountain-like thing in bronze. You can get up from this side of the mountain. You may need to try hard to get over it.

Now spawn your horse. Then get over your horse to finally jump over the main part of the mountain.

This place gives you a very good view of the bronze city. But you need to be careful because it is in a safe zone.

Now the last sniping spot is the cliff near the railroad. This can also give you a good view of bronze. But also lots of people know about this place, so you have to be careful.

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