Best Stands For Pluck In YBA! | Your Bizarre Adventure

If you are looking for the best Stands For Pluck in Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure, you have come to the right place. We have listed it down in descending order, number one being the best.

Top 5:GER

GER pluck has a lot of OP combos to play with. This combo is pretty deadly pretty good for 1v1s.

Top 4: SC

SC pluck has more combo than GER and even more deadly combos cause SC doesn’t have that many moves, so it is OP.

Top 3: SCR

SCR pluck is legit broken, you can combo ppl so easily one-shot combos, and it’s a god at sbr. If you’re going to the main SCR, make sure to get a pluck, Broken combo.

Top 2: SP: TW

SP: TW pluck is so op, Deadly ass combo, agility, beatdown, etc. It is very good for 1v1s, and you don’t even have to use your beatdown; it’s that op.

Top 1: TW: OH

Tw:oh is the first place of c. It is the best stand for pluck in Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure.

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