Best Stands For Spin In YBA! | Your Bizarre Adventure

This guide will tell you about the Best Stands for Spin in Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure game. We have listed them down from number six to number one. Number one is the best.

Top 5:KC

KC spin and KC pluck are underrated and cool; KC doesn’t have many projectiles, so spin is probably good with this stand. So if you are looking for an underrated combo, KC spin is probably the way to go.

Top 4: KCR

Overall, the KCR spin is pretty op; it has a good combo combined with KCR’s OP moves. If you will main KCR, it is recommended to get spin OP combo NGL.

Top 3: TW: OH

Combo with two knives deals 40 dmg if all knives hit combo with spin, this combo is nice, and it is recommended, or two pluck is also good.

Top 2: TWAU

This combo is pretty cancer, twau is op by itself, and it is partnered with spin jesus, the projectile spam.

Top 1: Tuck Act 4

Spin buffs ta4 moves, great a great combo. You will surely like tusk act 4 spin.

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