Best Star Powers For Every Brawlers In Brawl Stars (Solo)

Every brawler in Brawl Stars has got unique powers. Some of them can attack and heal at the same time. This guide will briefly discuss the star powers of different Brawlers in the game.


Tick (Star Power: Automa Tick Reload)

The best star power for Tick in a solo showdown is Automa Tick Reload! If you want to be a good Tick player in solo showdown then being able to deal fast and consistent damage is important! So a faster reload star power is perfect!

Bo (Star Power: Snare A Bear)

The best star power for Bo in a solo showdown is Snare A Bear! It stuns your enemies once they walk into a mine, which is so strong, and definitely the best choice for him to be able to interact quickly in dangerous situations!

Dynamike (Star Power: Demolition)

The best star power for Dynamike in a solo showdown is Demolition! In showdown damage is the only thing that counts, it’s something you need in certain situations, while it will provide the most value in fights, it just boosts his super so much!

Brock (Star Power: Incendiary)

The best star power for Brock in a solo showdown is Incendiary! The additional fire that comes off your rocket and deals extra damage, provides a lot of area control, and much better 1v1 fights, fire stays on the ground for a few seconds!

Jessie (Star Power: Shocky)

The best star power for Jessie in a solo showdown is Shocky! The extended range of your turret, the possibilities, the advantage when brawlers group up etc is just all very strong and makes it the best choice in any fight!

8-bit (Star Power: Plugged In)

The best star power for 8-bit in solo showdown is Plugged In! Since second life is removed this is what it was replaced by! Very strong and much better! For him to easily control areas, and deal insane amounts of quick damage! Very strong!

EMZ (Star Power: Bad Karma)

The best star poser for EMZ in a solo showdown is Bad Karma just super strong in general to get consistent kills and to dominate! Keep your enemies in range and maximise your damage! Which is always important to do with her!

Bull (Star Power: Tough Guy)

The best star power for Bull in a solo showdown is Tough Guy! Having a damage reduction shield once you fall below 40% hp is super strong, and will help you to stay balanced in a fight! This is a big advantage to have!

Colt (Star Power: Slick Boots)

The best star power for Colt in a solo showdown is Slick Boots! You need the speed to dominate, and get each game quickly supers, while you never lose sight over your target! It’s important to stay in range, and be consistent with colt!

Nita (Star Power: Hyper Bear)

The best star power for Nita in a solo showdown is Hyper Bear! This is insane in combination with her gadget bear paws! And the best star power across all game modes, to dominate and defend quickly with nita in any interaction!

Shelly (Star Power: Shell Shock)

The best Shelly star power for a solo showdown is Shell Shock! It’s so strong and good to slow down enemies, and catch up! While both of the shelly gadgets work best with this star power in combination! Be fast and kill them all!

El Primo (Star Power: Meteor rush)

The best star power for el primo in solo showdown is meteor rush! The speed boost that it gives you when you use your super is key if you want to dominate with el prim across all trophy ranges! Playing aggressive with el primo is best!

Barley (Star Power: Medical Use)

The best star power for Barley in a solo showdown is Medical Use! The healing is insane and makes barley a strong choice in solo showdown, which can be very strong in 1v1 situations 400 heal per bottle is a lot In a fight.

Poco (Star Power: Screeching Solo)

The best star power for Poco in a solo showdown is screeching solo! It seems weak but can actually provide a decent amount of support when you are fighting with poco! It’s all about making quick cycles to get consistent kills!

Rosa (Star Power: Thorny Gloves)

The best star power for Rosa in a solo showdown is Thorny Gloves! The extra damage when using your super is so important and much better than the healing one! The more damage output you have in a solo showdown the better!

Rico (Star Power: Robo Retreat)

The best star power for Rico in a solo showdown is Robo Retreat! The speed boost gives Rico a viability boost which is important! Just be aware of where your enemies are, keep the right range in your fights!

Darryl (Star Power: Steel Hoops)

The best star power for Darryl in a solo showdown is Steel Hoops! The damage reduction shield while using your super seems bad, but is actually game changing for darryl in many situations, you would die much much faster without it.

Penny (Star Power: Balls of Fire)

The best star power for Penny in a solo showdown and across all game modes is Balls of Fire. The damage and ability to 4320 control areas more easily is so strong, especially on maps with alot of walls! This can literally be the trap of dead!

Carl (Star Power: Protective Pirouette, Damage reduction shield)

The best star power for Carl in solo showdown is protective pirouette, damage reduction shield while using super is one of the key reasons why Carl is so strong. And even more with his new gadget flying hook, just so insanely strong!

Jacky (Star Power: Hardy Hat)

The best star power for Jacky in a solo showdown is Hardy Hat! It reduces all damage she takes with 15% which is so strong and important for a brawler with not alot of range! So be careful, push up and go for kills. Tank for the win!

Piper (Star Power: Ambushonth, Extra damage)

The best star power for Piper in a solo showdown is Ambushonth, extra damage while being in a bush with also the gadget home made recipe! Is just so strong, it can have a really high damage output and get you quick satisfying kills.

Pam (Star Power: Mamas Hug)

The best star power for Pam in a solo showdown is Mamas Hug. It deals damage and heals at the same time and it is extremely strong. It can let you win crazy match ups even when the enemies are stronger! You can heal yourself and damage the enemies.

Frank (Star Power: Power Grab)

The best star power for Frank in a solo showdown is Power Grab!

Bibi (Star Power: Home Run)

The best star power for Bibi in a solo showdown is Home Run. The increased movement speed is so important if you want to dominate as tank vs long range brawlers, use your suêrs to finish off kills! Cycle quickly between them for best results!

Bea (Star Power: Honey Coat)

The best star power for Bea in a solo showdown is Honey Coat. Very strong and allows you to be aggressive without hesitation in solo showdown, which helps so much in fights, and is basically a free kill for bea if you play it well!

Nani (Star Power: Tempered Steel)

The best star power for Nani in a solo showdown is Tempered Steel. This reduces the damage she takes by 80% when she has her super activated, which is so strong and important! Because safe plays are key to win with nani.

Edgar (Star Power: Fisticuffs)

The best star power for Edgar in a solo showdown is Fisticuffs. This allows Edgar to heal 25% more with each punch he lands, which is absolutely so broken and so strong especially because Edgar is already an extremely strong brawler.

Mortis (Star Power: Coiled Snake)

The best star power for Mortis in a solo showdown is Coiled Snake. His ability to get instantly in close range with just 1! dash and always take the lead in a fight is extremely strong, and very underestimated, he can even counter tanks with it!

Tara (Star Power: Healing Shade)

The best star power for Tara in a solo showdown is Healing Shade. Having a shade that follows you and keeps healing after you made a kill in a showdown, it is just extremely strong and a perfect support in showdown!

Gene (Star Power: Spirit Slap)

The best star power for Gene in a solo showdown is Spirit Slap.

Max (Star Power: Run n Gun)

The best star power for Max in a solo showdown is Run n Gun. Reloading faster makes you deal more damage which is always best with max, because she is actually an assassin that’s how you should play her. Perfect with this star power!

MR.P (Star Power: Handle with Care)

The best star power for MR.P in a solo showdown is Handle with Care! This allows him to deal more, faster and better consistent damage in showdown, which is so strong in combat! You can easily take the lead in fights!

Sprout (Star Power: Photosynthesis, Damage Reduction Shield)

The best star power for Sprout in a solo showdown is Photosynthesis, getting a damage reduction shield when you get inside a bush and even when you get out of it for a few seconds gives Sprout more viability to make consistent kills.

Byron (Star Power: Injection)

The best star power for Byron in a solo showdown is Injection. This allows him to pierce through multiple targets with just 1 shot each OF 3 seconds. This is absolutely so strong and perfect to charge up supers even faster.

Spike (Star Power: Curveball)

The best star power for Spike in a solo showdown is Curveball! It is important to keep distance and have a wide range coverage over the map with high damage potential and that’s exactly what this star power will provide.

Crow (Star Power: Carrion Crow)

The best star power for Crow in a solo showdown is Carrion Crow. It deals more damage, the lower hp your enemies get is very strong and the best choice for crow! Even more with his defence booster gadget!

Leon (Star Power: Smoke Trails)

The best star power for Leon in a solo showdown is Smoke Trails. The movement speed boost once he goes invisible is extremely strong. And the reason why he is such a good assassin brawler in a solo showdown.

Sandy (Star Power: Rude Sands)

The best star power for Sandy in a solo showdown is Rude Sands! The ability to use this and discover where everyone is and let them stop healing while you go invisible is just crazy valuable and the true strength of sandy!

Amber (Star Power: Scorphin Siphon)

The best star power for Amber in a solo showdown is Scorphin Siphon. This gives Amber a 50% reload boost when she stands near her puddle from her super! Game changing, perfect to keep control with and have consistent amo!

Gale (Star Power: Freezing Snow)

The best star power for Gale in a solo showdown is Freezing Snow, this adds an additional 0,3 seconds slow down effect to each shot from gale that hits a brawler, valuable in fights to be aggressive with while also being strong in defence!

Lou (Star Power: Supercool)

The best star power for Lou in solo showdown is Supercool, opponents are getting gradually frozen when they stand on the super area of Lou, like from the brain freeze attack, which is so strong to use in fights, and give him a big advantage.

Surge (Star Power: max)

The best star power for Surge in solo showdown is to be max. Surge his attack now splits when it hits opponents or objects, which gives him so much additional extra damage in fights, and makes him stronger in close range situations.

General ruffs (Star Power: Air Superiority)

The best star poxer for General ruffs in solo showdown is Air Superiority, this adds 1000 extra damage to his supply drop, and gives it the ability to now also destroy walls, which is super strong in many situations.

Best Super Powers In Brawl Stars

Leon (Best Superpowers: Smoke Trails, invisiheal )

The best star power is smoke trails from Leon! This gives Leon a 30% speed boost when he uses his super and becomes invisible, so strong to confuse anyone, make quick kills, get out of situations, take the lead and be unpredictable! So fast!

It’s important to get fast kills and lead the game, this star power helps you so much with that, get out of the sight of your enemies so you can use your supers more effectively, the speed boost gives you a faster advantage in making safe kills!

Info! Leon his second star power invisiheal is equally as strong as his first star power! This one is just better for the more passive players, and I am an aggressive player so much rather use smoke trails! The speed boost gives me the lead!

Mortis (Best Superpowers: Coiled Snake )

The best star power is the Coiled Snake from Mortis! This gives Mortis always the advantage to take the lead in who deals first damage or to get out of a dangerous situation. This star power gives you so many opportunities to make kills!

It is important to calculate and overview situations before you make the choice to get the kill. Mortis can change the game very quickly with this star power activated, especially in combination with his gadget combo spinner!

Spike (Best Superpowers: Curveball )

The best star power is Curveball from Spike! Absolutely insane, Spike got recently nerfed but this star power stays so strong in any game mode. It curves the spikes from Spike which makes it so easy to deal consistent damage.

This star power makes Spike strong and fast which is a dangerous combination, use your supers to secure kills, get them slowed down and you will be much more consistent in dealing a lot of damage!

Use walls and bushes to safely push up in fights, never put yourself in a disadvantage! But if that happens during a fight, then it is important to be very aggressive, because all it takes sometimes is to get hit by 1 bullet before you die.

Spike (Best Superpowers: Curveball )

The best star power is Injection from Byron! This gives him the ability to pierce his target through multiple objects/brawlers when he shoots, this seems very simple but is actually so strong, because this can almost instantly charge up your super.

Colonel Ruffs (Best Superpowers: Field Promotion )

The best star power is Field Promotion from Colonel Ruffs! Friendly brawlers get their health increased by 30 each second that they are in the range of his ability! Which can boost your teammate’s health so much and it’s incredible.

This new star power from colonel ruffs is absolutely top tier in duo showdown, depending on which comps you pick you will be able to heal your teammate up, get 2 supers so your supply drop also increases his health and damage!

Bea (Best Superpowers: Honey Coat )

The best star power in Brawl Stars is Honey Coat from Bea! This lets bea escape death with 1 hp! And gain a momentary shield once per match which is absolutely insane. This basically is the second life star power from 8-bit!

This star power in combination with her honey molasses gadget is also very strong, to secure kills with sometimes just tank a shot or gain the advantage in a fight, all it takes to get a kill is a slowed down enemy! Then you kill the enemy!

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