Best Surge Abilities to Unlock in Arcadegeddon

This guide will show which are the best Surge abilities to unlock in Arcadegeddon.

Basically, Surge abilities are the abilities that you can use to do damage or control the arena or support yourself and your allies for your suitability.

Control Surge Abilities:

  1. Freeze blast:

It sends out a blast of super cool surge energy, which will freeze the enemies in front of you. It will make things easy for you so that you can kill the enemy easily or you can recover.

  1. Black Hole:

Black Hole will create a hyper-localized miniature black hole that will be taking enemies into it, which will do a small amount of damage. It is crazy and has very powerful durability.

Support Surge Ability:

  1. Medic Pod:

In this, you will spawn a medical pod, it will heal allies in the areas where they are affected. It is just a small pink bubble, anyone who is standing inside it will be healed.

  1. Shield Drone:

It will spawn a defensive shield drone that will boost the alley shield and increase the damage within the affected area same as the healing part. It will also create a blue dome, and the players inside that dome will be able to recover their shields. Shield Drone will give you an over shield while increasing your damage.

DPS Surge Ability:

  1. Fire Ball:

This is the first ability that unlocks. You have to launch a fireball straight up to the path, it goes to the enemies and blows up. This is mad, the amount of damage it gives is great.

  1. Doom Ball:

In this, you will fire a discharge of fiery doom balls that will blow every surface. It is the best because it slaughters bosses. Literally, you can pull out the doom ball and it will shred every boss in your way. If you are in the group using a doom ball,  no boss will be a problem because this will turn every boss into a little minion that will be gone just in one shot.

  1. Glitch Monster:

This is really good for surgibility, it is for solo players because they have a little pet that runs around them. It also deals with a lot of damage. It releases a gitch monster brawler into the simulation for a short period of time, now until he finds an enemy he will be going to follow you and it will stomp on them and use abilities on them.

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