Best Upgrades for Any Car – Gran Turismo 7

This guide will let you know how to upgrade any car in Gran Turismo 7. You have to follow the step-by-step instructions to upgrade. 

There are sixty updates available in the tuning shop, so you first need to unlock the tuning shop by progressing in the campaign. When you reach collector level 5, you can have full access to all the levels of the tuning shop, and you can upgrade any of your cars from there. 

You will get a weight reduction stage 1 upgrade, and it will add ten pp to the car. Also, it improves every aspect of your vehicle, like it increases the power-to-weight ratio. You can accelerate better, it also improves the braking and cornering, and there are four different weight reduction stages, and each will cost you higher than the last one, as shown in the image below. 

The second upgrade that you will get from the tuning shop is for tires which will cost you a lot of credits. Each car starts with a set that depends on the type of the car, and if you have the basic cars, there will be basic comfort tires, and your opponents will use some racing and sports types. 

So if you equip racing tires on your standard car, you can easily win the race because it will increase the road grip, and your car will accelerate faster. It will also shorten your braking zones, these types of tires are costly, and it will cost you twenty-five to thirty-five thousand credit mark, and it will also depend on the car you are upgrading, as shown in the image below.  

Once you have purchased the tires, you will get a fresh set for every race, and you don’t have to replace them after the race.

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