Best Village Ideas in Minecraft

In this guide, you will find the best village ideas in Minecraft. You can implement these ideas to have your village in Minecraft.  

Table of Contents

    Huge Classic Village 

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    This video will show you the right way to customize your village and turn it into a beautiful town. The layout and styles are unique and attractive. There are different sections of this build; you can build a map room, which will help you check all of your builds in the world. You can also select your color theme and texture for the village. There will be underground storage rooms in this build, which will help you get quick materials in no time. So overall, this build is huge, and it will take a lot of time to complete. 

    Starter Village 

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    This video is featured by Fwhip that showcases a starter village, and the texture of this build is simple and beneficial. You will also learn how to build a simple starter house and then upgrade it from time to time and make it a huge house. If you are new to the game and don’t know where to start, you must follow this design. 

    Basic Village 

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    If you plan to build your village in your own selected place, then this video is highly recommended. The first section will show you how to clear and smooth the surface and then start building the village. You have to follow each step carefully and make the structure of your village. You can also customize the size of each house in the village and make your farming land. The area required for this build is up to you. 

    Awesome Village 

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    This video will help you get an idea of how you can make your customized village. The video is divided into different sections, and you have to build the base structure of the village in the first section. The fields will occupy a little land space to farm and feed your animals; a windmill will also be the part of this village built. You can also build a church or Chapel at the corner of the village. 

    Flat World Village 

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    Mythical features in this video; the flat world village build involves a blast furnace build, smoker house, cartography table which will show you the map and a brewing stand. There are 13 different buildings in this village. You can make your barn for animals and a weaponsmith in the village. It is a vast build, requiring full concentration and maximum time.

    Custom Minecraft Village 

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    This Minecraft Village idea has everything that underlines the custom professional village where every villager can work. This village draws charm from its wooden, idyllic, and rural look and structure. The path in the village consists of cobblestones and gravel path blocks which gives it a natural feel of the village. You can do this build in survival mode; there will be large houses for the villagers where they can live and do the work; there will be a total of 13 houses in this village build idea.

    Survival Village 

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    This village build idea is basically for survival mode. There will be about 12 different builds, and each build has its purpose in Survival mode. This build will inspire you not to get run over by Skeletons and Creepers in your world. Fences on the boundary wall will provide you protection against Spiders from scaling the logs. Many light sources brighten the area to keep enemies from spawning at night.

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