Best Way to Clear Bunker Alfa 4th Floor – Ldoe – Last Day On Earth

In this brief guide, you will learn the Best Way To Clear Bunker Alfa 4th Floor (Advanced Player) in Last Day On Earth: survival.

You can use two pipes, one machete, and a saw blade, bandages, and two armor sets for this.

This one is for advanced players, not for beginners. Take 40 bandages and a stack of food for safety.

Clip id FF by 1.5, while killing zombies FF by 2.0, always do wall tricks. It makes you wealthy.

Sneak hit, run, and wall trick, that’s it.

If you have no true friend dog, then you can’t loot this one. Grenade! Sometimes you can get 1 or 2 here. If you are a pro, then you don’t have to waste any bandages.

Ready for the run. Now wall trick from this side, you are safe from the cold and heavy turret.

Aggroed the frenzied giant and run. Wait here and then go for the terminal, then wall trick the frenzied giant!

If you want, you can destroy these two turrets, but there’s no need.

Change the armor for safety.

You will need the bandages now. Could not be able to sneak hot here.

If you have no bandages, left the floor and reentered again to reset aggro!

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