Best Way to Earn in Roblox Dragon Adventures

In this guide, you will learn the best way to earn a lot of money in Roblox Dragon Adventures. This method is for noobs and for pros too. 

To get your new dragon eggs, first, you will need to go to the grassland and spawn in a dragon (flyable dragon). 

Then you will need to find an island when you can find the crystals and other useful resources. 

Once you find an island, you will need to unequip your dragon and do not worry about the creatures that will attack you; they barely do any damage. 

You will find some tiny trees and crystals. Collect them, and they will be in your inventory. 

The creatures won’t chase you around; if they do, just try to run away from them.  

Keep collecting them until you think it’s enough. Once you think you have collected enough, go back to the lobby. 

Once you’re back to the lobby, go to the menu, shop and heal. As you see, they are crystals revive crystals, crystal treat. 

If you collect a lot of these crystals, they will give you tons of money!   

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