Best Way to Farm Iradite Quickly – Warframe

This guide will provide you with the best way to farm Iradite in Warframe. 

To make it way easier, you will need to equip loot collection mods such as: 

  • Loot detector aura. 
  • Max level thief’s wit. 
  • Animal instinct.
  • And other companion loot detecting mods. 

You have to make sure that you’re on solo mode.

Go to Cetus and then make your way to Konzu to do the highest level bounty.

In the bounty mode, one iridite deposit can give three or more iradite compared to one.  

You don’t need to finish the bounty; some collect iradites from the deposits and then return to Cetus. You’re looking for things like this.  

The mostly spawn hear the cetus entrance so just follow my path roughly.

You can get roughly 28 to 30+ per short run. Then rinse and repeat the bounty. 

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