Best Way to Get Festival Of The Lost Weapons Faster – Destiny 2

This guide will provide you with the best way to get Festival Of The Lost Weapons faster in Destiny 2.

You will need to complete the haunted lost sectors to acquired them. So open up your tower map and you’ll find haunted lost sectors playlist. You need to complete that playlist and have a chance to receive the weapon drops.

You have to get Spectral pages to increase your chances of getting the drops during your run. Go to the spectral pages and you will find that you can get these spectral Pages by completing different activities wearing a festival of the Lost mask.

After getting spectral pages, you have to complete the haunted law sector activity to increase your chances. The transformation of spectral pages into manifested page will increase weapon drops. You can also use the manifested pages to unlock different pages in the tales of the Forgotten Volume 2.