Best Way to Loot Airdrop | Dawn Of Zombies: Survival

This brief guide will let you know the best way to loot airdrop in Dawn Of Zombies: Survival.

Currently, there are three places where you can get an airdrop. From desolated hollow, windbreak, and newly added screaming forest.

Why is airdrop important? Well, for many reasons but mainly for the twins’ facility key. If you have not unlocked the twins’ facility yet, you will get a serpent eye. You can use one akm, one broken acid akm (use any dot [damage over time] wep) like fire, ice, electric, deep wonus, etc for AI only, 20 healings, and 20 throwings for flies.

Windbreak airdrop location is different from desolated H.

Wherever you spawn, go to the right side and run toward the middle unless you find a power pole.

Go through this power pole to the middle.

Remember, airdrop won’t spawn every time, and you shall find one airdrop per day. Observe in the mini-map; windbreak airdrop spawns here. As there is no airdrop, you have to exit the windbreak, travel to the nearest zone, and re-enter here.

No need to kill every single enemy; kill those you find in your way. You can see this time airdrop spawns.

You can’t loot airdrop without killing the forest keeper, so better kill first. Use normal akm to kill.

Right after you open an airdrop, 2-4 AI players will spawn.

Just zone out and in if you, unfortunately, aggro enemies. Her two AI spawns use dot wep to kill.

Run through the edge of the zone so that you don’t have aggro enemies.

Search AI’s dead body; you can get the dark shards.

Kill this stinger as you can’t loot without killing.

Kill fireflies if you aggroed, unfortunately.

You will get artifacts to exchange in the institute’s chapter to get twin coordinates.

Also, dark shards to exchange in the dark zone and some useful blueprints and items. For desolated H. bring the same items as in windbreak.

Desolated H. Airdrop also spawns in the middle, but you’ll go from left for not facing many enemies. You will see a rosehip, then go to the middle of the zone from here.

An airdrop spawned on the first try. If you, unfortunately, aggro the AI near airdrop, zone out and in to reset the aggro. Kill Samedi valet otherwise; you can’t loot.

Use normal akm to kill him quickly; just run and shoot 4 AI’s seriously!

So only four serpent eyes with some items.

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