Best Windmill Designs ideas in Minecraft

This guide will provide you with the eight best Windmill designs in Minecraft. You can follow any one of the designs to build a Windmill in your world.

Double-story wooden windmill


This build is designed and shared by the Master Majesty channel on youtube.

It is a double-story windmill and its roof and walls are designed with an alternating pattern of white concrete and stripped dark oak log and some touch of cobblestone slabs. The axle of the windmill fan is connected to the ground through a central pillar that extends from top to bottom of the windmill structure. The blades are made up of Oak fence and spruce stairs. Its foundation floor is made of cobblestone. You can use Stripped Dark Oak Log to build the central pillar and the whole structure of the windmill will stand on it, then reinforce with concrete blocks. During the laydown of the wall, you can leave the spaces for doors and windows. You can decorate the outer walls with spruce slabs or any other decorative blocks.

The Curved Blade Windmill


This build is designed and shared by the Nanaroid channel on youtube.

This elegant design of a double-story curved blade windmill is unique in its nature. It gives a splendid visual while standing right in the middle of the crops while villagers and animals work nearby. Its octagonal foundation floor is made of birch planks and the ground floor walls are laid down in an alternating pattern of striped birch log and oak log while the spruce planks are used in partition floors. You can use spruce fences and dark oak slabs for outer wall aesthetics. The second-story walls are laid down entirely with stripped birch logs which give it a dark brown and off-white colored contrast that plays a vital role in giving an elegant look. The curved blades are made up of an alternating but sophistically calculated pattern of birch stairs and spruce stairs along with the combination of birch fence and birch trapdoors.

This build is a must-try if you find it interesting.

The Medieval Windmill


This build is designed and shared by the Happiwappi Youtube channel

It is an interesting design of a windmill that gives an ancient look while standing tall in hilly terrain. The walls are raised from the ground in an octagonal shape by using polished andesite which is critical in giving the windmill an ancient stony look. While the ledges hanging along the walls are made up of spruce slabs, the same is the case with the roofs which adds to the wooden stony look of the windmill and makes it truly a medieval-era windmill design. The spruce fence gates are used in the terrace boundary but if you use birch fences it would give a better look. As for the upper floor walls they are elevated by using oak logs. Its blades are made up of oak logs, sail blocks, and spruce fences along with tiny depositions of greenery.

You can customize the material as you wish but make sure not to lose its medieval look.

The Trophy Windmill design


This design is shared by Akila Gaming’s youtube channel.

This is a unique yet simple and elegant design of a windmill, its distinguishing feature is that it has a circular platform surrounding it which gives this beautiful windmill a center of the attention-like view.

The windmill design itself is simple, it’s made up of elevated stone and wood structure. You can use other materials as well if you like. The designer put main attention on the circular platform which makes this simple windmill design so special. The complexity of the design is not in the windmill itself rather it lies in the terrain and the circular platform making it the center of attention instead of other textures around it. The designer has used stone boundaries and flowers in the middle of them as a decoration but you can also use wooden fences and trees in the middle of them if you like as it will give it a more rural look. It seems like a trophy placed in a hall of fame.

Rustic and Super Cute Windmill


This build is shared by Trixims Youtube channel.

This rustic windmill looks very beautiful as it is constructed near the river bank. The name rustic indicates the water and rust relationship, and the location and the name of the windmill are well chosen. The design is simple, with the alternating pattern of spruce birchwood and spruced plank extending from top to bottom. You can use any material you wish. The roofs are made up of spruce planks, the dark brown colored material is mostly used giving it a rusty look as the name indicates. The windmill is made on a stage-like platform with elevated steps and decorated with lanterns. It gives it splendid lightning and looks right across the river’s edge.

The Fantasy Windmill House


This build is shared by Minecraft Fantasy Builds youtube channel.

This is a very good-looking windmill farmhouse which is a must-try design if you intend to build a farmhouse in a village in Minecraft. The windmill on this farmhouse gives it a unique design like a jewel on a crown. It shows the designers have put a good amount of thought and attention into creating this efficient and unique yet very stylish-looking build as it serves the purpose of a windmill along with a house and a farm all in one.

You can take your liberty and customize the look and materials according to your will but must try this idea of a design i.e a farmhouse along with its own windmill in the middle of a village surrounded by crops and greenery if your a looking to construct a house in a village. It’s like a fantasy come true.

A Large Rustic windmill


This build is shared by WalkTheWaffle Youtube Channel.

This design is of a large windmill and is a very nice structure. It is very suitable to design for a windmill if you are looking to construct a windmill in hilly terrain because a tall structure suits hilly terrain and also stands out among the hills. No one would want a tiny windmill in hilly terrain, which could be easily lost to the eyes among the hills.

As for the material, you can use any type you want but the stone on the walls and wood in the blades will suit you the most.

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