Big Cat UFO invasion Guide – Ragnarok M Eternal Love

It is a complete Big Cat UFO invasion guide with secret tips in Ragnarok M Eternal Love. 

The new event (big cat UFO invasion) happens every Saturday from 20:00 to 20:30 (GMT+7) at “prontera south gate”. 

This event requires “green combat time”, remember to save stamina for the event. Each cat drops different mats; you have to aim for the correct cat to collect your mats.

Ten minutes after the event starts, the UFO MVP will come down for you to hit. 

All the cats, including MVP, had (an HP shield); you can’t kill them with one hit. 

You can exchange the material collected from the event for a blueprint, or you can use it to upgrade certain equipment. 

[cat toy] cat grass x80 is just a funny-looking dagger; it has no use.    

[cat eyes] lemegeton tear x80, 10.5 deposit MATK for wiz/ alchemist. 

[cat ears] lemegeton fur x100, deposit max hp+19; unlock max HP+24. 

[cat tail] red ribbon x100, deposit max hp+19; unlock max HP+24.

[black cat] deposit max HP+19: unlock max hp +24. It drops by UFO MVP to “random player” in the event map, not the guys who get MVP title.

Secret tips: 

As long as you have “green stamina”, you do not need to hit the mob and loot the material. 

So if you forget to save stamina for the event, simply AFK at the music box (you still can loot even if you die). 

You get bonus material from staying near the UFO MVP, and it drops bonus material when HP reaches a certain level.  

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