Black Desert Online Crash, Steam Launcher Not Working (Fixed)

Black Desert Online is still getting errors in its latest update, if you’re getting an error then don’t worry as we’re here to help you fix that error. Players have reported different errors like:

  • Random Crashes.
  • Launch Errors/steam launcher not working.

How to fix Random Crashes in Black Desert Online ?

Follow the steps below to counter this error:

  • First close the game and navigate to the UserCache folder by following this directory “Documents\Black Desert\”.
  • Delete the UserCache folder.
  • After that, go to the BOD folder where you have installed your game, open the folder and delete the “Cache” folder.

  • Play the game. Note it deletes all your graphic presets.

How to fix “Launch Errors/steam launcher not working” error in Black Desert Online ?

Follow the method below to fix this error :

Delete Version.dat / Verify the files:

  • Minimize the game while being on home interface. Down in the home interface, it’s 100 percent completed in written but isn’t, actually some files are missing/corrupted. That’s why the game is not running.
  • Right click on the exe file of the game and navigate to “open file location”.
  • Delete the file here named “version.dat”.
  • Close the game and restart again. The game will start downloading the missing/corrupted files.
  • To do this in stream app,open stream app, go to library, right click on the game, navigate to properties, then in the new popped up window, click on local file and lastly click the verify the integrity of the files.

Repair Mode

  • Click on the option icon.
  • Click on “click to start” in front of Repair Mode in the new popped up window and press Yes, it will recover all that have been deleted or corrupted from the system.
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