Black Spirit Mode – Black Desert Mobile

This guide will give you a basic introduction to “black spirit mode” in Black Desert Mobile Global.

You can access the black spirit mode from the menu at the bottom right side of the screen. 

There are three modes: hunt, gathering, and fishing.

Each mode lasts for three hours, and you can only choose one of them. 

In gathering, you will do mining, foraging, and logging for 3 hours offline. But you will need enough “energy” for this mode; otherwise, it won’t start. 

You can activate the Fishing mode only in a fishing area. You can not use this mode in non-fishing areas.

Both gathering and fishing mode will help you with grinding-like skills with benefits. 

Thus always activate one of these modes every time you go offline. Once you choose one mode, the game automatically closes in 5 seconds. 

Important Tips!

Before you activate the black mode, you have to spare some space in your inventory. 

It is because you have a limited weight capacity or LT, if this is full, you cannot loot anymore. 

You can increase the Weight cap by purchasing this item at a pearl shop, or if you are patient enough, there will be quests with LT increase as prize.

You can manage your LT by selling the junk items to NPC. Move your potions to horse inventory (potions consume a lot of LT). Feed all unused gears to the black spirit and consume all the skill books. And many other things, to keep your LT low.

Hunt mode is also beneficial to clear guild quests or black spirit quests. 

And you can also combine it with “repeat quests”. All those quests require you to kill thousands of mobs daily. So hunt mode is a very crucial part of your daily grinding. 

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