Bloodrayne Terminal Cut Cheat Codes

BloodRayne is the definitive edition of a cult classic, with all-new graphics and gameplay to match. Released in 2002, BloodRayne has been updated for modern systems, providing an immersive experience that does not disappoint. With its enhanced and updated gameplay and graphics, players can now enjoy a smoother experience as they search for clues and escape from danger.

Active Codes

INSANEGIBSMODEGOODUse it to get a Dismemberment cheat
DONTFARTONOSCARUse it to get Enemies Freeze cheat
ANGRYXXXINSANEHOOKERUse it to get Fill Blood Lust cheat
LAMEYANKEEDONTFEEDUse it to get a Full Health cheat
TRIASSASSINDONTDIEUse it to get God Mode cheat
JUGGYDANCESQUADUse it to get the Juggy Mode cheat
ONTHELEVELUse it to get Level Select (Hold Shift while clicking New at main menu) cheat
IWORKFORGODUse it to get Lose Nearly All Health cheat
SHOWMEMYWEAPONSUse it to get Show Weapons to cheat
NAKEDNASTYDISHWASHERDANCEUse it to get a Time Factor cheat
BRIMSTONEINTHEBAYOUUse it to get Unlock Secret Level to cheat

How to Activate Cheat codes in BloodRayne Terminal Cut?

Find the cheats in the options screen, once there combine the columns of words until you receive the message (or just use any of the combinations provided above)