Braided Hair: Sims 4 CC (List)

Ever wanted to try out braided hair in Sims 4? Check out our list of top Sims 4 CC Braided hair items.

Maargareth – Parallel

Long dark-colored braided hair CC

Maargareth is a new hairstyle for Sims 4 that offers an exciting new look for your Sims.

LeahLillith Nightrunner Hair

Crazy long braids custom Sims4 hair CC

LeahLillith Nightrunner Hair is an exciting new hair for Sims 4. It’s tailored for runners and features a sleek style that keeps you looking your best while you chase those dreams.

 Reyah Hair

Long dark two braids hairdo - Sims 4 CC

Introducing Reyah Hair! This new hairstyle is perfect for Sims 4. It has a modern look, and it’s perfect for any Sims 4 gamer who wants to stand out from the crowd.

Braids With Bangs (Kids)

Toddler cute blonde hair with bangs - TS4 CC

Introducing Braids With Bangs – the perfect hairstyle for Sims 4! This new hairstyle features intricate and stylish braids, giving your Sim a fresh and modern look.

Zelda Hair 2

Zelda style hair with braids - Sims 4 CC

Looking for a new and exciting way to style your Sims 4 hair? Then Zelda Hair 2 might be for you.

Nadia Bun

Braided bun updo style hair for Sims4

Introducing Nadia Bun – your new go-to hair for your Sims 4 wardrobe. This stylish style is perfect for many occasions.

Hair Retexture by Dachs

Long braided hair retexture CC for The Sims 4

Introducing Hair Retexture! This exciting new product is perfect for Sims 4 fans who want to give their hair a fresh look.

. Nelli Hair

Long straight hair with braids in back - Sims 4 CC

Introducing Nelli Hair! This Sims 4 hair is perfect for creating that exciting look you’ve been searching for.

Lala Hair

Lala younger kids hair with braids TS4

Introducing Lala Hair! This revolutionary new hairstyle for Sims 4 gives you the perfect mix of classic and modern looks.

Anto’s Apple Hair

Long blonde braided ponytail hairdo - Sims 4 CC

Anto’s Apple Hair is a Sims 4 hair product that will add excitement to your Sim’s look.

 Iconic Jessica Hair

Long adorable braid CC for Sims 4

Introducing Iconic Jessica Hair! This new hairstyle for Sims 4 is sure to turn heads.

Anto Slowly (Hair)

Cute short hairdo for girls with braid - TS4 CC

Looking for the perfect way to keep your Sims’ hair looking perfect all day? Then Anto Slowly might be for you.

Anna Braid

Long hair with small braid - Sims 4 CC

Introducing Anna Braid – the perfect accessory for Sims 4! This stylish hair piece is perfect for adding a little bit of excitement to any look.

Magic Braids

Colorful magic braided hairdo for TS4

Introducing the Magic Braids hair! This brand new Sims 4 hairstyle is perfect for any Sim who wants to look their best.

Jasmine Agrabah Braid

Jasmine from Aladdin dark braided hairstyle - Sims 4 CC

Introducing the Jasmine Agrabah Braid! This exciting hairstyle is perfect for Sims 4 fans who want to add a bit of Arabian culture to their look.

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