Brawl-O-Ween challenge in Brawl Stars (Tips)

This guide will provide you with some tips & tricks about the new Brawl-O-Ween challenge in Brawl Stars. 

Stage 1 Bounty Map Excel!

It’s almost time for the Brawl-O-Ween challenge! You will need to win nine times to get this exclusive pin for free, which is awesome.

Stage 1 is a bounty in map Excel! This map is about control and keeping the enemies pushed back. Some good comps in this map are Leon, Tick, Belle-buzz, Meg, Brock – piper, Tick, Mortis, or Ash and Stu as alternatives. 

The comp depends on who you fight, Frank, Poco, and Pam. Heal & damage is the perfect combination for a complete counter comp in this map, and it is fun. 

Stage 2 Acute Angle Gem Grab!

Stage 2 gem grab and the map is Acute angle. Some really good comps in this map are Meg, Belle, Gene, Stu Gene Leon, Buzz, Spike, Byron, and Brock, as alternative brawlers can also be very strong on this map.

Meg is the perfect brawler to take control once she has upgraded, strong long, and close range, and is good with her healing gadgets. It’s just important to have very strong support brawlers next to you when you play Meg like Gene!

Part 3 

The Finals Brawl Ball Sneaky Fields! 

Some good comps are Belle, Spike, Rico – Tara, Frank, Gene – Stu, Ash, Buzz-Buzz, Byron, Frank. There are many strong comps on this map, so you don’t have to worry about the final stage.  

Let’s now watch more games for these maps with different comps that are also very OP to use.

A good alternative compared to Brock, Buzz, Stu. Good comps for this map are mostly brawlers that are good at controlling and keeping the enemies back. You have to pinch them to the edge of the map, so you can spawn and kill them. 

A good alternative comp is Meg, Leon, Spike; having someone to keep the gems and two brawlers who are aggressive enough to keep going and pushing the enemies back is a very good strategy to control this map. So you have to be prepared and careful. 

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