Brawlers Tier List in Solo Showdown (Brawl Stars)

Every hero in the Brawl Stars game comes with unique skills and abilities. All of them have their own utility in the game and they can provide damage to the enemies. Some brawlers also got the ability to heal themselves after taking damage.This guide will provide you with the tier list of Brawl Stars in Solo Showdown.


Tick, a weak but underestimated brawler in solo showdown, his health is just way too low for all the damage dealers who are walking around. If you play him, you have to be aggressive which is really hard to do with Tick.

Advice: use your tick heads for defence vs the current strong brawlers in this meta, who can easily counter you close range, since Tick head also has a bounce back effect which helps a lot!

Using his star power automa-tick-reload having a faster reload speed is much more important than healing with Tick. Since he has so low hp, you have to be consistently defensive with a lot of damage potential!


Jessie takes some time before she has her super and her shots are easy to juke which makes Jessie harder to play. Prepare yourself with boxes and go for an aggressive turret strategy!

Aggro turret strategy! chain boxes, get super, use turrets to be defensive with, and aggressive. Place it always in front of you instead of behind, use it as defence to shield, and to deal extra damage with.


Poco uses his star power screeching solo, this helps him to do extra damage when he is in a fight. It is important to heal as much as you deal damage when you are being aggressive with Poco. Because Poco does slower damage but can be stronger in a longer lasting game, that’s why he gets countered quickly. He has enough health, low damage so easy to get supers charged up from which is important to know!


Nita is a very underrated pick in showdown, it’s important to chain supers with her. Having Hear Bear the stun gadget and hyper bear star power, it is very important and will improve her success in showdown by a lot.


Shelly is the best brawler in low trophy ranges but gets countered much faster higher up, that’s why you will have yo utilise each opportunity with full aggression to dominate and succeed in making kills.

Having powercubes is very important with Shelly, when you see them take a few with you, getting some shall improve playing her by a lot. Since it takes time before you are good with Shelly without much cover.


Penny deals low damage per shot, but the ability to deal massive splash damage with hee supers and gadgets. It’s important to utilise each opportunity to deal more damage! like splash damage through other brawlers or boxes.


Rico is a very underestimated showdown brawler but actually very decent. A big struggle he has is the health and slow movement speed when he has no star power activated, this makes him a brawler that gets faster countered in this meta!


Frank is a tank that gets targeted consistently because of his insane health. You can use obstacles to hide behind and deal safe damage from when they try to come and sneak from the side. Utilise your supers they will decide if you win or not!


Tara is a strong but slower brawler, her attack speed feels too slow to react quick enough, which is why she needs to always focus on getting supers. They will dave you and guide you with healing star power for a better position in the game.


Sandy is a strong brawler, once she is able to create her own feel of domination when she has her super to throw down and go for kills and heal with her insane gadget! just watch out for assassin brawlers they are threatening.


Barley is a very strong thrower, who can deal insane damage, and has great gadgets to surprise her opponents with quick deaths. Sticky syrup mixer slows the enemies down which allows Barley to stack tons of damage which is very strong!


Rosa is a strong brawler who needs to gain advantage in range if she wangs to dominate! Focus on controlling the center of a map, so she can get quickly in range and dominate that certain area. You can use supers to make safe kills!

El Primo:

El Primo is a highly used brawler in solo showdown, and actually also a very strong brawler but very dependable on which maps you play him on! You will need walls to push up from, get kills from behind and take advantage of the supers!


Dynamike has become such a good and fun showdown brawler mainly to his buffs for a faster super charge rate and his new gadget Satchel Charhe, which is a complete game changer for how good dynamike can be in solo showdown!


Sprout is the best thrower in brawl stars, strong in solo showdown, especially with his super ability to create walls and gadget transplant. If this was a ranking for duo showdown then he would have been top 10!


MR.P is a fast damage dealer with large range, because his shots bounce in open air with his star power but even without walls which makes him very unique, especially with his strong underrated turret to locate and defend!


Gale is a very strong mid range brawler who can really keep distance very well and has 2 very good star powers who both have their benefits. It’s more personal preference, but his gadget could use a buff or re-work though!


Darryl is a strong rolling assassin brawler who actually has the name heavyweight brawler! He is good at taking situations and dominating them, to create aggressive and quick kill opportunities, and charges super automatically!


Bo is the perfect combination between passive and aggressive brawler! You can utilise the star power Snare a Bear with gadget tripwire to be able to defend, and be aggressive with, so you calculate and control situations with it.


Nani is a stronger higher skill cap sniper, who has such a strong viable gadget to fly around the whole map and teleport where she wants. Just be aware and prepared for assassin brawlers and defend quickly with super or 2 shots.


Piper is a super strong brawler depending on how good you are with her and what map she plays on, she can definitely be higher in this tier list. And if it was a duo showdown she would be top 15 because she is so strong if played correctly!

Piper depends on how consistent you are with her, missing a few shots will ruin your game. It’s important to utilise situations and dare to take risks and open up the map, so she has more space to work and snipe in.


Bibi is a strong fast assassin tank, the gadget healing is a big help, while her super has so much potential to use in so many different situations! Obstacles to smash enemies against.


Gene is a really strong brawler with an insane gale changing super. Sadly enough his super got nerfed and takes now 3 shots to charhe it up, which made him harder to play and be consistent with, so take your time and chase enemies.


8-bit is a strong but very balanced brawler. He is good in the meta and not overpowered, with the perfect star power plugged in to still take advantage of walking faster, with his insane damage and range, he is very deadly.


Lou is a super strong brawler in 3v3. Balanced in this meta but harder to hit enemies consistently with, because his shots are dealt with 3 arrows just like the attack of Bo, which is why he is stronger mid range, to close range!


Bull, his recent gadget stomper and buffs in general made bull so much better. He is now also able to counter assassin brawlers, which is important and very strong in showdown! much more fun to play and way more usable!


Emz! her long range damage is literally so strong, and that makes her a very aggressive consistent controlling brawler in showdown. She feels like amber but different. Keep distance and be aggressive, use gadgets as defence!


Leon is a very strong assassin brawler with super made to be good for showdown, focus on getting your super, and a few powercubes, get close by surprise because he will need a surprise attack. His damage can feel underwhelming.


Surge is very independent and fun to play brawler. He can easily counter the meta brawlers, with his supers and upgrades! That’s what you have to focus on! do whatever you can to upgrade as fast as possible! he becomes insane overpowered.


Jacky, her strength is how easy she is to play, it’s just auto-aim and get a gadget to chase a brawler. She is so strong because of that, tank damage pushes up and goes for kills and you will dominate even in high trophies.


Spike is a gadger that can deal 10.000 damage if played correctly, with curveball star power which makes it almost impossible to miss shots. Spike is such a damaging monster, just know your counters! push up when you have an opportunity!


Mortis is very strong in the meta right now, perfect to take opportunities with it, because of his early fast high damage potential in any fight. Just get supers so you can heal while you fight with star power Coiled Snake.


Pam is an insane damage dealer and healer. Her attacks are just insane and makes her stronger and stronger in showdown across all trophy ranges! You can utilise those heal abilities to dominate and be aggressive.


Crow stays very consistent and good in showdown. There are new top meta brawlers who can counter crow more easily! because a part of his defence got taken away when his gadget defence booster was nerfed.


Colette is the perfect tank counter with insane defence. She can be so aggressive and quick in making kills, having a lot of powercubes and fighting. Colette will be a disadvantage for you which is very underrated about her!


Max is a very rapid brawler and she has the ability to deal very fast damage is what puts her at the top of showdown. She can work herself around this very high damage meta, with a variety of aggressive brawlers with different abilities.


Amber is one of the highest damage dealers in showdown, she can stay in long range and still deal the same damage as bull up close, which is so dangerous and very strong. Use her supers to control and get faster kills with.


Brock, his new gadget which got recently nerfed, still remains a very strong thing to have in a showdown. Destroying instant walls and dealing 50% more damage is just perfect to dominate and defend with very quickly.


Byron is a very overpowered support brawler who gets stronger as you make progress in the game. He can out damage and out heal almost everyone in the game which makes him so usable. He is also insane close range with his strong super.


Carl is one of the best showdown brawlers of all time and now with his insane new flying hook gadget makes him even better. He is super viable to utilise in any fight, or just to escape a certain situation, and take the advantage your enemy had away.


Bea is one of the best showdown brawlers across all trophy ranges, mainly because of her *second life* honeycoat star power, which allows her to play way more aggressive and passive in a good way with her insane new gadget.


Colt is the best showdown brawler because of his new gadget silver bullet. This gadget is crazy overpowered and definitely needs to be nerfed. Colt can now counter almost everyone in the game and then his main stats also received a buff! Crazy!


The best solo showdown brawler in the Brawl Stars game is Edgar. He performs the best across all game modes. Absolutely overpowered, his super, his gadget, his healing abilities are all so insanely strong and easy to use it’s ridiculous!

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