Broly (DBS) BnB Combos & Basics Guide | DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ SEASON

This guide will provide you with the Broly (DBS) BnB combos and basics in Dragon Ball Fighterz Season 3.5.

Broly’s 5L might have range, but it’s the slowest 5L in the game. Do not use this for scrambles. 2L is his actual 5L, so you use this instead. Same speed as other 5L’s with a huge vertical range. The rest of the auto combo is pretty normal, except for 5LLL, which does not come out on whiff. 5M is slow but covers almost half a screen. Getting hit by this will cause massive damage, if not lead to a TOD.

2M can be chained four times, but any 2M past the first one will leave a reflectable or jumpable gap. Using more than two stomps will also prevent you from going into 5M, and using 5M will prevent you from using more than two stomps. 5H will cover slightly more than half the screen and be held for some extra range and bait reflect. It also has one hit of super armour, whether it’s held or not. 

2H is pretty standard. 6H is a very long-range command grab, but it won’t hit aerial enemies unless they’re in a combo. You can chain 5S up to 5 times. Still slow, but it’s there. 28 is a single hitting beam with a very long startup. Since it’s normal, you can vanish out on whiff though, jS is rather fast and beats Super dash.

His air buttons are very big. jL and M in particular, have an easy time smacking people out of Super dash. Finally, j2H is an air grab with massive corner carry. 

Raging Quake (236x, Air OK) 

It will send out a beam property shockwave in front of Broly. The shockwave travels across the floor and doesn’t clash with any projectiles. It also has a physical hit to it when close enough. The Light version will only cover the area in front of Broly, while Medium and Heavy will go full screen. The heavy version will also give a massive ground bounce if the physical part connects. 

Gigantic Fury (214X) 

A series of command grabs. The Light version has respectable range but can only hit grounded enemies. The Medium version can only grab aerial enemies but has the same anti-air properties as 2H. In the corner, you can get a combo off the Light and Medium version meterless. The Heavy version is special, it will use 214L or 214M depending on whether the enemy is grounded or aerial. In addition to that, it has more range than the Light version, gives full combo, and is air invulnerable from frame 1.

Gigantic Heave (214S)

Another command grabs that side switches, combos, and has huge corner carry, but.

It is because this is an Off-the-Ground (OTG) grab. It cannot grab crouching enemies. You can grab enemies off the floor on a knockdown and continue a combo. 

Eraser Blow (236S) 

It shoots a projectile that beats Superdash at an upward angle. It’s an incredibly good tool as It has one hit of super armour and will trigger a side-switching follow-up knockdown on a point-blank hit. You can combo off of it by using 214S, but more on this later. 

A Assist 

On demand 236M with low blockstun, but good hitstun. Similar functionality to a beam, except it, keeps the enemy in place. 

B Assist

236S on demand. Also low blockstun, but fulfils a similar role to GT.Goku’s assist. It has almost a full second of hitstun, though, allowing for easy confirmation. 

C Assist 

It is slower than the average single-hitting beam and has a decent blockstun at least. 

Meteor Shower (236H+S/R2) 

A lot of people don’t realize this is hard to punish DP. 

Gigantic Roar 

Broly will take his armour off, and a flat 5% will increase his damage for the rest of the match. 

Basic Safe Gapless Blockstring

Call an assist afterwards, otherwise, you will lose your turn. Ideally, you have to end your string in 236S. It jails into Vanish and is safe.

It will beat anything. Mash. Jump. Vanish and Guard Cancel won’t work, and it can give a full combo with 214S. However, 214L/H will beat the reflect, and they won’t always have the resources to reversal. You can add another layer by using 5S. Anything after it can be reflected, but holding 5H will punish reflect. 5M instead of 5H is riskier but can lead to great damage. If they’re scared enough, they’ll even let you reset your string. Adding a 2H creates a frame trap too. So with all those options, your blockstring can be as long as this. And remember to throw the grabs in randomly.

Midscreen BnB 

3875 dmg/3545 scaled | +1 Bar

2MM5M – jML2H – SD – jMLjcML – j236M

Corner Ender 

4155 dmg/3715 scaled | +0.95 Bar The delay is for the damage on the explosion. 

2MM5M – jML2H – SD – jMLjcMLS – (delay) j236M

236H Extension 

5032 dmg/4190 scaled Can side switch with more delay on 2L. 

2M5M – jMLjcML – j236H – 66 2L – sjLLjcLL2H – SD – jLL – j236L

236H Extension Grounded

5857 dmg/4390 scaled 

2M5M – 236H – 6H – 2L – 2MM5M – jMLjcML2H – SD – jLL – j236L

Mid-Corner Loops 1 

4410 dmg/3825 scaled | +11 Bar

2M5M – jMLjcML2H – jS – SD – jLMS – j236M

Mid-Corner Loop 2 

4655 dmg/3960 scaled | +1.3 Bar 

2M5M – jML2H – (delay) jS – 66 – jLMS – SD – jLMS – j236M

Corner BnB Simple 

5235 dmg/4307 scaled | +1.4 Bar 

2M5M – 236M – 5L – 2MM5M – jML2H – jS – SD – jMLjcMLS – j236M

214L/M Confirm Corner

3425 dmg1+1.7 Bar

214L – 2L5LL – sjMLS – 66 jLMS – SD – jLL2H – jS – j236M

214H Confirm 

3445 dmg l-1 Bar 

214H – 6H – 2L – 2M5M – jML2H – SD – jM – j236L

6H Confirm Corner 

2960 dmg +11 Bar

6H – 5H – SD – jML2H – jS – 66 jLMS – j236M

214S Pre-Smash Extension 

3715 dmg +1 Bar 

214S – SD – jMLjcLL2H – jS – j236M

You can add a js if you’re near the corner. 

236S Confirm using 214S Extension 

3910 dmg1+11 Bar 

236S – (land) 66 – 214S – SD – jMLjcLL2H – jS – j236M

It is a tight link; You can also whiff a Vanish instead.

Side Switch BnB using 214S Extension 

4165 dmg/3697 scaled | +0.9 Bar

2MM – 214S – SD – jMLjcLL2H – jS – j236M

Vanish Confirms Knockdown 

1985 & 1885 dmg | +1 Bar Pick your side with 236S and 214M. 

– Vanish – 66 5L – 2MMMM – 236S or 214M

Vanish Confirm Damage 

2450 dmg End in …jcLL> 236L if not in the corner. 

Vanish – 66 5L – 2MM5M – jML2H – SD – jMLjcLLS – j236M

2H Punish/DR Route 

3230 dmg/2686 dmg +0.6/1.3 Bar 

2H/DR – SD – jMLjcLLL

Superdash Confirm

 2280 | +0.3 Bar 

SD – jMLjcML – j236M

236L 2L Link 

5010 dmg I+1.5 Bar Don’t mash the 24; time it. 

5M2M – 5H – SD – jMLjcML2H – j236L – 2L5L – (delay) 2MM5M – jLMjcLMS – j236M

236L 2L Link Knockdown Version

4807 dmg I +1.5 Bar Dont mash the 2L.

5M2M – 5H – SD – jMLjcML2H – j236L – 2L5L – (delay) 2MMM5M – 5SSSSS – 5H – 214M 

Mid-Corner 2H Punish 

4940 dmg +1.6 Bar Distance to corner is fairly strict. 

2H – SD – jMLjcML2H – jS – j236L – 2L – jMLjcMLS – SD – jLMS – j236M

Mid-Corner 236H 

5972 dmg/4660 scaled For scaled skip the jS and end in jLLS> 236L. 

2M5M – 236H – 6H – SD – 66 jM (land) 2L – sjMLjcML2H – jS – SD – jLMS – j236M

jH 2L Link Corner 

5714 dmg/4465 scaled | +1.9 Bar Scaled Route in Description.

2M5M – 236M – 5LL – (delay) sjMLjcMLS – SD – jLH – (land) 2L – 5M – jMS – SD – jM2H – jS – j236M

You will need to delay the Super jump until after the explosion of 5LL. This Superjump is the most important part of the combo. The entire following sequence has to be done as fast as possible. There are no delays. If you’ve done everything correctly, this 2L will be auto-timed. Try not to mash it, though.

For the rest of the combo, follow the annotations.

jH 2L Link Knockdown Version 

5319 dmg I +17 Bar For scaled use the scaled version of the previous route. 

2M5M – 236M – 5LL – (delay) sjMLjcMLS – SD – jLH – (land) 2L – 2M – 5SSSSS – 5H – 214M

Superdash Confirm Rejump 

2840 dmgI+0.9 Bar Only works off an aerial SD 

SD – 66 jM – (land) 2L – sjMLjcML2H – SD – jML – j236M

(Only works off aerial Superdash.)

Super dash Confirm 236H Corner 

3677 dmg 

SD – jMLjcML – j236H – 66 2L – sjLLjcLL2H – SD – jLMS – j236M

Superdash Confirm 236H Midscreen 

3557 dmg 

SD – jMLjcML – j236H – 66 2L – sjLLjcLL2H – SD – jLL – j236L

Assist Combo Example 1 (Most assists)

6799 dmg +1.1 Bar

2M5M – jMLjcML – j236L – A1 – jML2H – (delay) jS – 66 jLMS – SD – jMS – j236M – A2 – 6H – 236S – 66 214S – 236H+S – DR

Assist Combo Example 2 (Android 21 AVAny C Assist)

6176 dmg 

214L – A1 – 66 9 jML2H – jS – 66 – jLMS – SD – jMS – j236M – A2 – 214S – Lvl1 (887) – Spirit Bomb

3 Bar Corner TOD (Most Assists/Any C Assist) 

5M2M – 236M – 2M5M – jMLS – SD – jMLS – j236M – A1 – jLL2H – jS – j236M – A2 – (run into corner) 6H – 236S – Lvl1 Lvl1 Lvl3

5.1 Bar Limit Break Midscreen TOD

2M5M – 236H – 6H – 5H – Sparking – 2M5M – jMLjcMLS – SD – jLL2H – jS – j236H – Vanish – 66 214H – Lvl3

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