Build A Boat For Treasure – Super Horse in Lumber Tycoon 2

In this guide you will get to know how to build a boat for treasure in the shape of a super flying horse. And you can win the gold over and over again with this horse.

Let’s start making a new super horse.

Click on shop and then tap on save file icon, it will ask you to replace your current build with your custom boat.

Click yes and go on and uncheck the ‘Anchor’ check box.

After that, select a sand block, place it on the surface and then concrete blocks over it in the shape of a horse body.

Then you will need to place two post blocks in the shape of the tail.

Now make the engine part which moves the horse. Use a U shape magnet and place it on the body of the horse.

Put an iron block in front of the opening poles of the magnet, and a plane seat on the other side of the magnet.

You can use different color blocks to indicate different parts of the horse. Now make the head and face of the horse with some different color blocks then used before.

Almost done, only painting left.

And it is ready to go. Remove the sand block under the feet of the horse. And turn the magnet ON.

You can ride with the W key, press down and release the W key. And go on to collect gold treasure.

If you do not want to make a horse, there is a basic form.

Reset again to build it, if you do the engine part correctly, it will work.

You can get away from obstacles with A and D keys.

For now the best way to win gold is this.

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