Burying The Eel Quest Guide – Disney Dreamlight Valley

This guide will let you know how to do the Burying The Eel quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Once you get the quest from Maui, you will need to talk to Goofy and he will tell you to dig up worms near pawns and also you get softwood. It is found everywhere you can get it easily.

To find the worms, you gotta look for spots like these in the picture, close to the river.

Hopefully, it will give you worms, so you have to find three of them. After that, you need to craft the fishing trap. Go to the crafting table and craft it.

Now let’s go and place the fishing trap near the dock.

So just press f to get into furniture, click on the fishing trap, place it off the dock and that’s it. You can notice the location of the dock on the map below.

After that, you need to fish around the trap to catch the eel.

The trap doesn’t do anything, it just activates the eel to show up but you still need to fish for it.

Now let’s bring it to Maui and then you have to bury the eel on the beach.

Now you just tend the crop until it grows by watering. That’s it.

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