Bus Simulator 21 – Controls Guide

Bus Simulator 21 has the most advanced and comprehensive fleet in the history of the series. Featuring 30 officially licensed buses and a new bus terminal to explore, Bus Simulator 21 will give you hours of gameplay.

In this guide, you’ll find all the Controls to play Bus Simulator 21.

ForwardWPress W to Move Forward
LeftAPress A to Move Left
BackSPress S to Move Back
RightDPress D to Move Right
AccelerateWPress W to Accelerate
StopSPress S to Stop
InteractEPress E to Interact
Switch to cockpit zoomFPress F to Switch to cockpit zoom
Look to the left or rightMouse HorizontalPress Mouse Horizontal to Look to the left or right
Look up or downMouse VerticalPress Mouse Vertical to Look up or down
Toggle between first and third-person modeY or Mouse WheelPress Y or Mouse Wheel to Toggle between first and third-person mode
Switch to action cameraLeft ShiftPress Left Shift to Switch to the action camera
Interior mirrorXPress X to Open the Interior mirror
Switch to ticketing machine modeLeft CtrlPress Left Ctrl to Switch to ticketing machine mode
Overview of all cockpit FunctionsTabPress Tab to Overview of all cockpit Functions
Open/close all doors^Press ^ to Open/close all doors
Open/close first door1Press 1 to Open/close the first door
Open/close second door2Press 2 to Open/close the second door
Open/close third door3Press 3 to Open/close the third door
Open/close fourth door4Press 4 to Open/close the fourth door
Open/close fifth door5Press 5 to Open/close the fifth door
Extend or retract the rampGPress G to Extend or retract the ramp
HornHPress H to Horn
Hand brakeSpacebarPress Spacebar to Hand brake
KneelingVPress V to Kneeling
Bus stop brakeLeft AltPress Left Alt to Bus stop brake
Change to a speed limiterZPress Z to Change to a speed limiter
Signal LeftQPress Q to Signal Left
Signal rightEPress E to Signal right
Emergency brake/hand brakePPress P to Emergency brake/hand brake
IgnitionIPress I to Ignition
Shift up a gearFPress F to Shift up a gear
Shift down a gearRPress R to Shift down a gear
Windshield wiperBPress B on the Windshield wiper
Engine On/OffUPress U to Engine On/Off
Cycle retarder strengthMPress M to Cycle retarder strength
Ticketing machine lights0Press 0 to Ticketing machine lights
Passenger lights9Press 9 to Passenger lights
Cockpit lights8Press 8 to Cockpit lights
Warning lights7Press 7 to Warning lights
Cycle main lightLPress L to Cycle the main light
High beamsKPress K to High beams
Customizing areaRight Mouse ButtonPress Right Mouse Button to Customizing area
Pause MenuEscPress Esc to Pause Menu
Button OverviewShiftPress Shift to Button Overview
Exit CockpitCPress C to Exit Cockpit
End TripEndPress End to End Trip
CancelEscPress Esc to Cancel
Open ChatEnterPress Enter to Open Chat
Move seat forward9Press 9 to move the seat forward
Move seat backward6Press 6 to Move the seat backward
Raise seat8Press 8 to Raise the seat
Lower seat5Press 5 to Lower the seat
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