Candy box two: walkthrough guide

Eat all the candles

The first thing is to eat as many candles as possible in order to increase your health status. Eating candles will be of no benefit to you until you allow them to reach to a sufficient point.

Throw 10 candles on the ground

This is a dangerous option but it can’t be totally ignored as it has an important purpose to serve. By throwing the candles on the floor, you will be sending the smiley to a long journey. Carry on with it unless you get hold of a chocolate bar. Resume moving and your tiny guy will discover a candy but you won’t get much of it so don’t bother worrying about it!


On reaching the village, you will get the base of operations. The village is your second home, away from your real home where you can buy new stuff in exchange to your well-earned candies.


The first place to visit is the shop. The shopkeeper will sell you different items in place of candies that you will give to him. On your return from completing new quests, the merchant will have some more commodities to sell.

Lollipop (60 C)

There is a total 0f three lollipops and they are no different from each other. The merchant claims every lollipop to be original. It is advisable that you buy all three!

Chocolate bar (800 C)

You will have access to the chocolate from the start. Chocolate is mainly used for bartering.

Leather boots (300 C)

These leather boots will be available from the start. These boots can both be equipped and upgraded.

Time ring (500 C)

The time ring will be accessible after the desert. It enables you to slow down the action so that you can respond properly.

Leather gloves (300C)

Gloves will appear once you have crossed the desert. Like leather boots, these gloves can be equipped and upgraded.

Merchants hat (1,000,000 C)

Clicking on the hat will multiply your number of candies by 7.isn’t it amazing!

World map

On finding the world map you will see that you are on the east side of the map. Now you have to head towards the desert. But before going any further, check the woods just north of the village. What you will see there is a lonely house.

A Lonely House

On getting to the lonely house, you will find a box. Breaking, kicking or cursing the box is useless. So, you will have to click all the options to take the candy box with you.

A tree

On heading towards the east of the lonely house, you will find a squirrel which will be of great assistance to you, if you reply to her questions correctly.

The desert

You will have to buy an iron axe by giving away 400 candies and you can only manage to get through the desert if you have abundant health. Crossing the desert will unlock then lollipop farm, time ring and leather gloves for you! In order to buy both these items, you must amass sufficient candies.

Mountain range

Before resuming your journey it’s instructed that you find the mountain range on the map. Towards your south, behind the mountains you will see an asterisk. Clicking on the asterisk will take you through the mountains. Click to regain the pogo stick which will facilitate you to surmount various obstacles in the quest and he desert bird’s feather will enhance your pogo sticks jumping capabilities!

Lollipop farm

All those who have experienced playing this exciting game must remember about the lollipop farm.

Now what you are going to do is to gather all those lollipops and harvest them. After a long wait you will get hold of another lollipop. Plant that as well. With every lollipop that you plant, you are expediting their growth. Get to a point when they start raining and collect the maximum lollipops to get full advantage in the game.

Collecting thousand (1000) lollipops will enable you to build a mill. You can now feed the mill with more and more candies. It is strongly recommended that you should do it in minimum time.

Gather 100,000 lollipops in order to build a pond. Purchase lolligators by exchanging candies. The lolligators help you in converting candies into lollipops. Greater number of candies will catalyze the conversion rate.

The sea

This sea is a strange place. You can navigate up and down to finish your enemies. The opponents get hard to deal with as you move forward in the game. Then you will get to the point when your foes will begin to throw fire at you from a long distance. The sole reason for getting into the sea is to find magical sponge that will allow you to shorten down your size. With a small height, you can easily dodge your enemies!

The Castles

This is a comparatively odd place because you have to search the map in order to locate yourself. So, get ready to discover!

You will find an oven in the castle. By giving 100 candies and 1 chocolate, it will transform them into “pan au chocolate”. Throwing this pan au chocolate will give you a power boast.

The center room there is darkened. Click in the middle of your screen to light a fire in order to make things clearly visible. There is a pitchfork beside the fire that will expedite your lollipop production. The top room on the left has an enormous, gigantic creature that is invincible. It is there to protect its eggs. Don’t you dare to touch any of the eggs or the huge creature will crush you.

Challenge the devil

Finally, you have made your way to hell! Here the devil stands beside the lava pits from where it constantly throws fireballs at you, making it difficult for you to pass by. You can get across the other side of the lava pits by using your rocket and magical projectiles that you have acquired through your journey. Using the boots of intersection will help you stay on the other side of lava. Utilize the monkey wizard staff and demons to cast magical spells from a long distance in order to damage your enemy.

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