Castle and Arena Guide for Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War!

In Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War!, usually the gameplay revolves around the castle. In the given guide, you will learn about the castle and arena guide for Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War!. It will increase your game performance, and you can have more fun playing the game.  

If you click on the gate of the castle, you will come to the throne room. In this room, you can make preparations for your battles for upcoming chapters. 

The activities you do in the castle mostly revolve around fun attribution and experience items. You start by selecting a unit and going into the town with them. Every unit has its inventory and its levels along with its wallets. You have various options to customize your units, including setups to repair your weapons, staves and tomes. The more powerful the weapon, the more costly it is to fix. 

You can also buy a limited collection of weapons from the armory and customize the inventory of their units. You can exchange an item from one unit to another by selling an item in a Pawn shop.

There are different ways in which the units can get gold to increase their inventory options. One way is that you can visit villages before they are destroyed during a chapter. The other way is by selling items from your inventory to the Pawn shop. The item is then accessible for anybody to purchase as long as they can have the equipment and sufficient gold to make the purchase. 

If you initially acquire an item from a unit that didn’t help you out in the game, you can sell it to the Pawn shop. Then you can use this money in future to buy a more relevant purchase for you. If you want to sell your items, they will sell with their ½ value you purchased. The third way in which you can get the gold is the Arena

Every unit has the opportunity to progress through seven arena battles per chapter. An arena battle will only end when one unit loses or the player pushes the B Button to withdraw. There is no price to start an arena battle.

When you win one round, it grants you battle experience and refills the hit points. Then you get 1000 gold with an increase in 500 gold in every successive battle. You can see in the unit menu how much far everyone can go in the arena chapters. When you complete the arena, a star symbol appears in front of it. If a unit loses an arena battle, they will be alive. They will be only at 1 Hp, but they are still able to participate in the chapter.   

You can use units that got lost in the arena to get some extra experience on your healers during the first few turns. If you go through every unit at the start of the game and put them each through the arena until they complete all seven rounds, it will be completely fine. Many players use this method to maximise the castle’s returns, which greatly increase the overall playtime, especially when the number of units in your army goes to the 20s.

It displays the unit’s performance before they advance into the map and gives a proper indication to players. It includes types of enemies that players can or can’t handle. You don’t need to do the entire arena. You can visit any castle during the chapter. 

All the castles have the same Pawn shop and armory with the same inventory. The few levels and statistics that your unit gets in the chapter events will help them get through that round of arena. You can get more advantages in the future if you do most of your battle preparations and arena at the start of the chapter. A more experienced arena equals more levels which means higher stats for your units, getting those gains initially. It will benefit your armory.

You can save your data at the beginning of each player phase. You have to move a unit to start your turn. You are able to save and reload as many times as you want. The specific unit might struggle to get through because of shaky hit and avoid rates. Preferably the goal is to complete the run to get access to the pocket of arena experience and gold.  

You need to understand how you can re-roll. The random number generator in the game is not random. It means it’s fixed from the very first turn till the last. The two players don’t play alike in the game. The outcome in the game is not fixed to an action. If you do the same actions, but in a different order, it will give different results, i.e Midir encounters a bit of a roadblock against the sniper. His chances of success are decent, but he was unsuccessful. 

If you saved the game before this unfortunate outcome, you could reload the turn for a different unit through a round of the arena. 

Through this, you will have a higher chance of success. You will be like a fresh turn. Midir will be luckier this time with his chances of hitting and avoiding. He may reload and alter the actions to a new set of desired outcomes, leading you to win. That other action is called RNG or Save Scumming

The units that use bows have a different set of arena gladiators from everyone. In other words, they can equip both bows and other weapons with two sets of arenas. If you are stuck on one set of enemies, you can Save Sum and take a crack on another set. However, increasing the probability of their ability to complete the arena. Of Course, it is a powerful tool. You have to be aware that frequently the odds of a battle are not worth save scumming.              

The desired outcome for the battle is possible if you spend a lot of time trying to force it to happen. Your opportunities to save a scum before starting your first turn are limited to how many successful rounds of the arena your other units can complete. At some rounds of the arena, the outcome is uncertain. It means you didn’t predict that outcome before.    

The type of weapons you go with into the battle is often the difference between success and failure. Your success mostly relies on your weapon, which you choose to go into the battle. The trading system is restrictive in the Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War! You might prioritize planning out the way to trade your best weapons or items. In this way, more of your units can benefit from their powers in the arena. But it all comes down to money management. Suppose you put Qwan through the arena before Finn.

As you know, Finn can use the Steel Lance. Once Quwan uses it, you can sell it to the Pawn shop, and Finn purchases the weapon. The price will be how much the durability of the weapon is left. As Quan didn’t repair the weapon in the Blacksmith before selling, it will be affordable for Finn. So, in this case, Finn will be able to use the durability left in the weapon and repair the weapon later when he earns enough gold from his arena.  

If you are in the middle of the arena battle, you can press B to stop or withdraw. It will lead you to the menu where you can either choose to continue the fighting, give up, leave the battle with your remaining hit points, or equip a different weapon from your inventory in the middle of the battle. You can select the given suitable solution for you. These options might be helpful for you.

Suppose Ethlyn has the Steel Sword. He equipped it because it is a powerful weapon. It is also cheap to repair. However, she will get into a situation where she will have critical health; she can equip a Miracle sword in the middle of the battle. This sword will give an unexpected aid at the low HP. It will greatly increase her chances to pass out the round. Few other situations might happen where that mechanic will be very useful. You can discover on your own while playing the game.

You units that are married to each other can give their supply of gold to their partner. At the start of chapter 1, Quan and Ethlyn are the only two units that can perform this action. Over time other units are also able to do this mechanic. You can see who is paired and can see who is developing feelings for other units. You can see that in the Argory section of the town menu. 

There is also a specific unit that can give gold to any other unit regardless of their relationship. This ability can help those who cannot clear the arena due to not being combat focused. It can also help those who need extra funds to increase their inventory options. 

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