“Catch Me if You Can” Trophy Guide – GTA Vice City

This guide will let you know how to unlock the “Catch Me if You Can” trophy in Grand Theft Auto Vice City. Go through the guide and follow all the instructions carefully to unlock it. 

To unlock this trophy, you will need to achieve a 6-star wanted level.

You can only get a 6-Star wanted level if you have unlocked the second island in Vice City, and there are two ways to get it.

You can wreak havoc from the hospital in little Havana by shooting NPCs and blowing up vehicles until you get six stars wanted level.

The health pickup will spawn almost immediately every time you collect it; it will help you survive against law enforcement.

The second method requires collecting 90 hidden packages to unlock the Rhino at the fort Baxter airbase.

You have to steal the tank and go on a rampage to achieve a 6-star easily wanted level and unlock the trophy.

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