Chernobylite – All Weapons


Revolver is the main short firearm of the game. The cylinder is fixed, which means reload must be done through the reloading window, which forces the shooter to manually eject the spent casing and load the round one at a time. The Revolver has a few characteristics that one needs to understand to use it efficiently 


The main short-medium firearm of the game.The shotgun resembles the Russian made Baikal MP-133 made by the Kalashnikov Concern. It is best against shadows and chernohosts.

Assault Rifle

AK-47 is a Soviet assault rifle. The standard magazine of an assault rifle holds 20 rounds while the drum magazine holds 50 rounds. 

Molecular Plasma Thrower

The Molecular Plasma Thrower has a delay, alongside a large explosion, sharing characteristics of the BFG from Doom.

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