“Chick Magnet” Trophy Guide – GTA San Andreas

This guide will provide everything you need to know about the “Chick Magnet” trophy in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. 

To unlock this trophy, you will need to achieve a 100% “Sex Appeal” stat.

Sex Appeal is determined by what you are wearing (clothes, hair, and tattoos), Physical Attributes (fat and muscle), and the vehicle you’re currently driving.

For this exploit, you will need around $30,000; go to any tattoo parlor and buy the cheapest tattoo.

It will give you a Sex Appeal boost between 1% and 3%.

You will need to remove the tattoo and buy it again. You have to keep buying and removing the tattoo until you reach 50% sex appeal.

You can obtain the remaining 50% with any sports or luxury car, like the banshee, Blade, Cheetah, Elegy, Hermes, Super GT, ZR 350, and more.

You can use the blade that always spawns at El corona in Los Santos.

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