Chocolate Making Simulator Codes 2022

Chocolate Making Simulator is a Rolox game where you will take charge of a farm. You have to produce milk from the cows and cocoa from the cocoa trees. Combine both of these items to make chocolate and sell it to generate income. You can hire a robot to make the chocolate and become a real chocolate master.

Active Codes

DrippyIceUse it to get 2x Small Ice Cubes
GemForFixUse it to get 20 Gems
IceCreamUse it to get 10 Gems
ReleaseUse it to get 1,000 Coins
SpookySeasonUse it to get 25 Gems


GlitchoCowow123Use it to get a Cow

Where do I redeem codes in Chocolate Making Simulator?

Follow the steps below to redeem the codes in Chocolate Making Simulator:

To get your reward, click on the Twitter button, which is on the side of the screen. Then, a code redemption window will pop up. You will need to put in the code in the text box and press redeem to get your reward.

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