Clash of Starships Codes 2022

Clash of Starships is a strategy game for mobile platforms. You are a commander of a space fleet that is trying to fight rival clans. Take command of your space station and create combat vessels with which you will conquer the universe. Upgrade them, develop new weapons and fight in different modes against other players.

Clash Of Starships Codes

9K4KPMUse it to get free rewards.
PAVJRLUse it to get free rewards.
9K4KAMUse it to get free rewards.

How to Redeem Code in Clash Of Starships?

To redeem the codes, follow the instructions below:

First, open the game on your device and go to the event section. Next tap on the “Gift redeem” button, enter the provided codes, then confirm once happy by clicking the “Confirm” button.

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