Colony Survival Cheat Codes

Colony Survival is a very unique colony building game that was released in 2017 and turned out to be an instant hit. You will start as nothing and need to build your own empire while battling against some other players and monsters. The game play has very much to offer from casual to damn too much hard. The building mechanics of bridges, underpasses, tunnels makes the game interesting and replay able. You need to develop an entire colony and infrastructure by recruiting the colonists in your party. The graphics are quite simple but very interesting.

The cheat codes are specially designed for the players, so that they can reach the higher stages of the game by using the codes You can use the cheat codes to add items, loot or teleport yourself from one location to the other.

Press “T” to open the game command line and then use the “/cheats on” code to enable all the cheats. You will be able to use all the other cheat codes after enabling it.

Colony Survival Cheat Codes

/teleport bannerThis cheat code is used to teleport the character to your banner.
/teleport x y zYou can teleport yourself to any particular area using this cheat code.
/time add #This cheat code is used to alter the game time.
/loot ItemYou can gett any specified item with this code. Specify the item name in the syntax.
/setflight trueThis cheat code will give you the ability to fly.
/cheats onYou can activate the cheats in singleplayer mode with the help of this code.

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