Colt Advanced Tips & Tricks – Brawl Stars

This guide will provide you with advanced tips and tricks to play with Colt in Brawl Stars. These tips and tricks will help you out to proceed further with Colt. 

You will need to use Colt’s second-star power “Magnius Special” to have accuracy on your aiming and use the second gadget as it breaks the balls because most of the time, there are balls in the maps. With the help of second-star power, you can increase the aiming power and the attack range. 

You have to use the super on at least two enemies and try not to use it on one player because then the enemy can easily dodge the attack. When there are two enemies, there will be some chances that the super will attack both of them.

Colt is more effective on ten of the brawlers except for Shelly and Roja because of their super. As you know, Shelly’s super can stop any other brawl to super, and Roja’s super has a very strong shield, so you cannot break the shield with Colt super. Except for these two, when you use super to any other brawl, they will lose easily as Colt‘s super has a good long range.

There are two best game modes for Colt in which you can play easily and win. The first one is Brawlball, and the second one is Duo Showdown. You can easily push the Colt rank in these two game modes and make sure that you have the super to push. 

Now for the rank pushing, if you are pushing the rank in three vs. three brawl ball, you have to be aggressive with the Colt because if you don’t play aggressively with Colt, you will get under pressure, and the opponent team will defeat you easily. 

A colt can eliminate three of the enemies in three vs three game mode. If you are playing in Duel Showdown, you don’t have to be aggressive while playing with any brawl. If you have the power cube, you can play aggressively, but if you only have two or three power cube, you don’t have to play aggressively; just play smoothly, and easily you will push the rank.

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