Combat Tips In The Wild West (Roblox)

In this guide, you will get to know about the combat tips.

First tip is first person. Press V to go into first person.

The 1st person is good in buildings and some close combat situations. You can roll by pressing left control(bottom left of your keyboard). You need to equip a weapon and have the max stamina.

Rolling can help you dodge the bullets.

Next tip is fanning the hammer. To do it hold ‘F’ while aiming a revolver. It makes it much faster than aiming normally. It can make you shoot more accurately. Use a knife if you can not reload.

You can also right click with your bowie knife to slash. Slashing gives you more range.

Cooked meal can heal fifty hp. Get it from inventory whenever you need. It slowly heals you.

You can also buy bandages from doctors for $100. It heals you much faster. And can also sleep to heal but it takes much longer.

Use your horse to knock the people down.

This will give you some time to kill them. Last tip, which is very important, don’t die. You can use your last haw but better to safeguard yourself than going into the danger zone. You can be healthier upon eating meals and taking first-aid etc.

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