Complete Guide on Workers – Black Desert Mobile

In this brief guide, you will learn how to manage the workers in Black Desert Mobile.

For the first time, you will need to build a camp. You will be given two workers by default. As you grow your character and camp level, you can hire more workers from the Pub.  

The basics:

At the pub, there are always three workers available for you to recruit. If you want to see other candidates and rank, you can tap “refresh”, but this will consume stamina, or you can wait till the timer starts. 

The number of workers you can hire depends on your town hall level and how many contribution points you have.

From the early game, your main focus is to build your town hall to level 4 and build a total of level 2 lodgings. 

It will enable you to hire 16 workers, which will affect your entire gaming progress significantly.

The higher the town level, the more lodgings you have and more workers you can have. 

And with more contribution points, you can recruit higher rank workers.    

So don’t waste your time yet with crafting, node managers, or anything else in the camp. Stay focused to level up your town hall and build the lodgings. Getting 16 workers is your main priority because using fewer workers is very ineffective and can waste time. 

Workers rank and level 

There are five ranks of workers, represented by their name color.

White is the lowest, next is green, blue, purple and yellow the highest. 

What makes these ranks different are their MAX LEVEL and stats. White can only reach max level 10, and with very small stats.

Green can only reach the max level of 20. Blue can reach level 30. Purple can reach max level 40, and yellow can reach max level 50. And also with the best stats among other ranks. Stats are random, based on RNG. 

Leveling up workers

Leveling up workers is easy; just send them to do the tasks, like gathering. 

Workers gain exp once they complete the task, and they can also level up. 

Once they reach the max level of their color rank, you can promote them to a higher color rank using contribution points. Their stats will not increase in the first promotion, but they will increase in the next level.

Worker’s stats

There are three stats:

Vitality, strength, dexterity. 

Vitality is used for gathering. The higher the vitality, the faster workers can gather. High vitality workers also consume less “food”. 

Here is the comparison between each rank on a 2 hours gathering task. 

Strength is used to build; higher strength means faster build. Here is the comparison between each rank on a 30 mins build time. 

Dexterity is used for crafting items; higher dexterity means faster craft. 

Here is the comparison between the ranks on a 6 hours crafting. 

Hire and allocate your workers to the tasks based on the priority of your camp. If you aim to build up camp faster, you should hire the majority of workers with high vitality. Add one or two workers with high strength to get the buildings done faster once you have the resources.

Hiring, Firing, and Promotion

Here are the cost od CP of each workers rank:

White = 2cp

blue = 3cp

Green = 5cp

Purple = 8cp

Gold = 12 cp

You should start with only blue and green workers because you need to spare some CP for renting elics. 

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