Conan Exiles Cheat Codes

Conan Exiles is a survival game featuring on Windows, PS4 and Xbox One. It is probably the best survival and world building game based in an open world environment. The game story is wrapped in building and farming while surviving against the hordes of enemies. It has an excellent atmosphere and is an adventure for a whole group of people to enjoy. Conan Exiles offers you many fights, lots of searching for loot as well as armor and weapons, being able to train pets. The vast range of customization options makes the game even more interesting and it really forces the players to play again and again. You will fall in love with this game after just a few hours of playing.  

The cheat codes give you access to many features within the game. These features include god mode, fly, ghost and many more. Use all the cheat codes to reach the later stages of the game and have the best game experience. 

You can use the cheat codes by following the steps below:

  • Press “~” key to display the console window.
  • Then type “ENABLECHEATS” to enable the cheat mode. 
  • Type one of the cheat codes and press enter to get the desired reward.

Conan Exiles Cheat Codes

PrintPlayerInfoThis code is used to get the steam name and in-game character name of a particular players.
Spawnitem You can spawn a particular item by specifying the item ID and quantity in the syntax.
SummonPlayer This cheat code is used to teleport the player to your current location.
TeleportPlayer This code will teleport the player to the specified coordinates.
Teleport Teleport to these coordinates after specifying the coordinates in the syntax.
ToggleDebugHUDThis cheat code will display the current server performance.
ViewPlayer You can dsiaplay a particular player using this code.
ViewSelfThis cheat code will display yourself.
WalkYou can exit the fly, ghost or godmode by using this cheat code.
CloakThis cheat code will make you invisible so you can attack the NPCs easily.
DamageTarget This code will damages the NPC or object that comes in your crosshair.
DestroyTargetYou can destroy the target in your crosshair by using this console command.
FlyThis cheat code is used to enable the Fly mode.
GhostYou will become invisible to other players after using this code.
GodThis cheat code will enable the god mode for you so you won't take any damage except from the cursed wall.
InvisibilityYou can make your character invisible with the help of this code.
MakeMeAdmin This cheat code will give you admin privileges.
MakeMeNormalThis code is used to remove the admin privileges.
NoSprintCostThis cheat code will enable the Unlimited Sprint mode, then the staimna will not drain while sprinting.

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