Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List 2022 (Best Ranks)

Espresso Cookie and Latte Cookie are the best cookies in tier S. Pomegranate Cookie and Tiger Lily Cookie rank in tier A. The most prominent cookies in tier B are Princess Cookie and Rye Cookie. Wizard Cookie and Poison Mushroom Cookie are some of the cookies in tier C.

Table of Contents

    S Tier

    Espresso Cookie
    Latte Cookie
    Dark Choco Cookie
    Herb Cookie
    Milk Cookie
    Vampire Cookie
    Licorice Cookie

    A Tier

    Pomegranate Cookie
    Tiger Lily Cookie
    Kumiho Cookie
    Madeleine Cookie
    Sparkling Cookie

    B Tier

    Princess Cookie
    Rye Cookie
    Almond Cookie
    Cherry Cookie
    Avocado Cookie
    Knight Cookie

    C Tier

    Wizard Cookie
    Poison Mushroom Cookie
    Purple Yam Cookie
    Beet Cookie
    Strawberry Cookie
    Werewolf Cookie

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