Cookie Run Ovenbreak Tier List 2023 (Best Characters)

Cookie Run: Ovenbreak is an arcade game specially designed for mobile phones. The game features more than 200 cookies and pets; you have to unlock them to complete the unique challenges. The pets will help you out in your adventure, and you can compete with online players in the Trophy Race mode. 

The leading cookies in tier S are Wind Archer Cookie and Spinach Cookie; these are the best ones in the entire game. White Choco Cookie and Sorbet Shark Cookie are the most prominent cookies in tier A, and they are almost as good as S tiers. 

The best cookies in group B are Gumball Cookie and Fig Cookie. Shining Glitter Cookie and Lobster Cookie ranks in tier C. Some of the cookies in tier D are Zombie Cookie and Pistachio Cookie.

Table of Contents

    S Tier

    Wind Archer Cookie
    Spinach Cookie
    Moonlight Cookie
    Blackberry Cookie
    Marshmallow Cookie
    Sea Fairy Cookie
    Lime Cookie
    Peach Cookie
    Dark Choco Cookie
    Peppermint Cookie

    A Tier

    White Choco Cookie
    Sorbet Shark Cookie
    Snow Sugar Cookie
    Plum Cookie
    Raspberry Mousse Cookie
    Roguefort Cookie
    Purple Yam Cookie
    Soda Cookie
    Cocoa Cookie
    Herb Cookie

    B Tier

    Gumball Cookie
    Fig Cookie
    Space Doughnut
    Captain Ice Cookie
    Avocado Cookie
    Lemon Cookie
    Dr. Wasabi Cookie
    Kumiho Cookie
    Fire Spirit Cookie

    C Tier

    Shining Glitter Cookie
    Lobster Cookie
    Earl Grey Cookie
    Moon Rabbit Cookie
    Ninja Cookie
    Licorice Cookie
    Alchemist Cookie
    Firecracker Cookie
    Onion Cookie

    D Tier

    Zombie Cookie
    Pistachio Cookie
    Muscle Cookie
    Carol Cookie
    Yoga Cookie
    Popcorn Cookie
    Princess Cookie
    Angel Cookie
    Ion Cookie Robot
    Skater Cookie
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