Corneo’s Secret Stash Locations Guide – Final Fantasy 7 Remake

This guide will let you know how to complete the Corneo’s Stash quest in Final Fantasy 7 Remake and where to find each of Corneo’s hidden stashes. 

As shown in the map below, you have to get the quest and make your way to the location.  

After getting there, you will find a lady; you have to speak to her, find a card behind her, and collect it. She will ask to go and find the girl that is talking bad about the Avalanche.

You can find her in the church where Aerith found you, so head towards the church, and you will find Johnny near the train station. He will confirm that the girl is in the church.

When you find her in the church, she will request you to fight in the arena. After beating the boys in the arena, you need to come back again.

Now the woman will give you the key to the corneal stash and also Johnny’s wallet. After grabbing the keys, you have to get the stashes but must give the wallet to Johnny before leaving. 

The first one is close to the location where you are now in sector 5, as you can see on the map below.

After getting to the location, you will find a big gate, and you have to open it up. When you get inside, you have to pick up the material from the floor, open the chest, and destroy all the boxes.

After doing it, you have to go to the Chocobo area closer to the fast teleport and use the collapsed Expressway or walk to it. 

When you reach the location, you will find a vault, open the gate and enter. After entering, you will find boxes ahead of you, destroy all of them, same as before and complete the quest to get Tiara.

The last spot is in the swears, where you will find a boss.

After reaching the location, you will find a switch; hit the switch to drain the water for the stash, as shown in the image below. 

After that, you need to run to the stashes, and you will find a mini-boss with three lizard men who are ready to fight, so beat them and leave the place.

After beating them, you will find a stash on the map. 

You have to follow Leslie to the end of the sewer; after beating the enemy and have all the stash items you need to return to the surface it will wrap you back tomorrow.

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