Crawling Speed Glitch In Jailbreak

The Crawling Speed Glitch is just so insane since you can travel fast with no vehicle. It allows you to slide insanely fast on any surface. This guide will let you know how to perform this glitch in Jailbreak.

To do this Glitch, you have to make your way outside and become a criminal.

You will need an account or a friend for this Glitch. Once you escape, spawn any vehicle and head to any bike location.

You can also do this Glitch with the ATV or the Volt bike. Next, enter the driver seat of the bike and head to an open area.

It suggests going to an area that is fairly close to a helicopter. Then you have to wait for your friend or Alt account to arrive.

Once your friend arrives, exit your bike and stand beside the driver’s seat.

Now, you have to jump and enter the driver’s seat at the same time. It is fairly easy to do and you should get it on your first try. If your vehicle jumped, that means you did it correctly. It is not the entire Glitch but it is still cool to see.

Next, keep doing this, first glitch until you get it every time.

You need to be fairly good at it before doing the next step. Once ready to move on, first exit your vehicle and stand beside it. Next, get your friend or alt to stand on the other side of the vehicle. Now, both of you do the same Glitch at the exact same time.

If your character is launched in a weird position, that means it worked.

You should now be somewhat inside the ground while floating.

To get out, press jump and crawl repeatedly until you are out.

Once out, you have to tell your friend to get a helicopter. Once they have a helicopter, enter any passenger seat. It may be difficult to enter the helicopter if you have never done it. Once inside, tell your friend to start flying up with the Helicopter. Your character will be below the helicopter, which is normal

This is because when you exited the bike your camera Glitched up. But once high, jump out of the helicopter and skydive down.

Now you will be sliding across the ground insanely fast. This Glitch is great at getting around since you travel fairly fast. What makes it great is you can go over any surface without stopping. This Glitch is also a great way at escaping police since you are faster. While doing this Glitch, you are unable to deal damage with weapons.

This also means you are unable to take any damage as well. This glitch is great since you can travel around without taking damage. Keep in mind, you can still take damage if they aim at your camera, this is because by doing this Glitch pushes our hitbox very high up. Just make sure not to stand still too long so nobody finds your hitbox. To stop this Glitch, just deploy your parachute and you will stop skydiving.

This will stop you from traveling fast but you can still be broken. To fix this, you can either reset or spawn a vehicle if you have a mobile garage.. If you spawned a vehicle, just exit the driver seat and the Glitch will stop working.

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